January 27, 2011

Week 9 of Project 365

I have the feeling that this week I took on a whole new angel, I really like the photos I took this week. I had such a grate time. To top it off I got a tripod and am now looking for a shutter relse cord or remote, I just don’t know what I want. I can see uses for both. I think a cord would have a faster reaction then the remote, but a remote would let me have more freedom of where to go as I am not limited by the cord. Both would be cool, but there is the cost factor, one now anther later. But what one to get.

I took some photos of some water drops again with the tripod and it was sooo much easer. Can’t wait to try it again and during day light.

DAY 57
So my little girl was sick last week, so this week we had a control cheek up at the DR. This was on the way back from the DR as you can tell she was back to her normal self.
Day 57
DAY 58
A shot I took while little Mr Mar Jr was having fun in the enlarged living room.
Day 58

DAY 59
Mr Mar Jr sleeping and cuddling his favourite toys, CARS. Car was his first word, he had a English word as his first word, where Ms Mar’s first word was German..
Sleeping Boy

DAY 60
Ms Mar Dancing for me, she just LOVES her ballet. Oh, and I have NO idea why she keeps steking her toung out.
Day 60

DAY 61
So I Finlay got around to fixing the popup books. I used a texture again on this one and also tyred to blend the floor into the background.
Day 61

DAY 62
So I got a try pod and tried water drops again, this time they turned out 100x better. The funny shadow you can see on the back ground is the straw I was using to drop the water into the water. I filled a glass write up to the brim and dropped it into there. I think this is the 3rd or 4th picture I took.
Day 62

DAY 63
I let the kids jump off the sofa today onto the bean bag, they had such a blast. The Mr Mar Jr can’t jump yet he just leaps off. Way to cute to watch. Ms Mar loved showing me how high and how far she can jump, I got allot of good shots from her.
Day 63