April 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday #5

Happy Birthday Big Girl, my baby gril turnd 4 on Sunday

To see more wordless photos go over to wordlesswenday.com or 5minutesformom.com

Cup Cake Bouquet

So for Miss Mars birthday party at kindagarten I made a fairy tail cupcake bouquet

I used 24 cupcakes

1 dome cake
1 basket 

and a whole lot of colored butter icing and some sprinkles.

The Different Cupcakes I made, and best of all they had a raspberry fulling.

All the cupcakes put together, I used the dome cake to get the shape, plus at kindagarten there are around 30 kids plus teachers, so to have enough cake I thought that to be the perfect idea.

Faeries and Butterflies added just for the extra kick. And I am sure the kids didn't mind the extra sugar they got from them.

The Teachers said it was a hit and the kids loved them.

April 27, 2010

I ♥ Faces - Smiles

We have a Very Happy theme this week. SMILES. So lets all start smiling at the guest judge Kristen Kalp. This photo was taken at Easter, The men were playing Peek A Boo with Mr Mar Jr, and i got this shot of them all laughing. Don't they just make you smile. Cheek out more smiling photos at i♥faces.com

I would love to be able to edit my pics better. But i just don't have the knowledge yet :(

April 24, 2010

Color Splash Sunday - PINK

PhotobucketI found both theas 2 photos that worked with pink, I think they are both cute as. Isolating the color pink was aLOT easer with the second picuter So i think it has a better effect on it. And  I don't have time to redo the pic, since it is Miss Mars 4th birthday this weekend and I have been bussy making a pincess/babie cake for her party tommorw, Mr Mar SR and I were up to 3:30am last night finnish it off, and befor that I had made a Buqet of flowercupcakes with butterflys and feries for her kindy Party. I will be putting up some post for them too, but next week.

The first one is of Miss Mar this winter or better said end of winter at the playground.

The second one is of Miss Mar 2 summers ago where Mr Mar used to work eating some strawberreie icecream, the pink tough fits nicly with the pink icecream.

April 19, 2010

I ♥ Faces - Collages

This weeks Challenge at I   Faces is Collages, The Guest Photographer Judge thus week is Jodi from MCP Actions.

This was anther one of this weeks where I am not sure what to post. Collage, not something I make allot of, or so I thought, or where I had photos to use. Then I remembered I had a Collage, not quite done, but GRATE excuse to finish it. I just don't have the time to do it all up. Since when I started this, nearly 2 years ago, and it took not quite 9 months to get all the photos from it. This is the best I have from it. I didn't take all the photos, some were taken by my Grandmother, Some by Mr Mar Sr, Some by my dad. So this is a big team work thing. Though I did set the camera on the settings they needed. All the Pics are of me every 2 weeks starting at week 8 going through to 2 weeks before my Son was born. Didn't get to take a pic in week 28 since i was taking them on Sundays, and he came that Sunday morning. The day after we did my belly cast. I was going to do a henna belly tattoo the day he came and take some last photos. Instead I was taking photos of my son.

The last photo is so much brighter cos I have learnt quite a bit in the last weeks from I♥ Faces.com  Also go over and cheek out there web page for more fun photo collages. I think I relay need to work on all the photos and get this printed and hang on the wall. If I ever really get into taking pics for money, i think this will be something I will offer. One photo once a fortnight for a collage like this. Its just so fun to watch that belly grow.

April 18, 2010

Color Splash Sunday - PURPLE

This weeks theam is PURPLE, I took this photo of Miss Mar while she was choosign shoes, must of been when she was around 2.5years, so AGES ago. But the purple lunch box in with the shoes looks so out of place and even more if it is the splashed thing.

To see more go over to http://purple-hippie.blogspot.com/p/color-splash-sunday.html

April 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday #4

I went to the park last week with Miss Mar and Mr Mar JR and some friends. I loved with tree over the pond, the bird was sitting in the tree and I wanted to take a photo of the bird in the tree but by the time my cmara got to taking foucas and taking the pic the bird took flight. So this is what I got.

For More photos got to wordlesswednesday.com

April 12, 2010

I ♥ Faces - I Heart Desserts

This weeks theme at I Faces is Desserts, at first I thought I wouldn't take part with this weeks contest as I don't have any good photos with people and desserts, just one or the other, then when I opened the sight this morning to look at the entries I realized we did not need a face in it. I knew what photo I would use

This Photo I took at work, this is VERY easy to make too, Strawberries dipped in melted sugar and deep fried breaded cherries. This is by far one of my favorite photos i have taken of a dessert. Though i can't take credit for marking it since I am a chef and not a pastry chef. Though I love doing pastry stuff. For more Desserts check out I♥Faces.com

April 11, 2010

Color Splash Sunday - Blue

Photobucket This photo was taken two years ago at the biggest open air festival in Europe, with over 2 million people who came to see famous bands or semi famous bands for free each year. Its only a small walk from our place. Miss Mar got heaps of balloons, so this is what I took for my color splash today.

April 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday #3

Daffidols in the park

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April 5, 2010

I ♥ Faces - My Story In Photos: Dessert Recipe Edition

This week at I Faces is My Story In Photos: Dessert Recipe Edition. This time it dosn't need to be one photo with a face in it but lots of photos on how you make a desert you love. I really didn't know what to make since I love lots of foods, being a chef by trade that is a kinda must, but I had fresh pasion fruit at home, so I made something old but new.

Here is goes sorted out from 88 photos I took.

I really injoyed taking all thease photos,  also my littel girl helped me and did LOTS of tasing. Just wish I could manuel foucas my camara easer.

Strawberry passion fruit Tiramisu

250ml (1cup) Heavy Cream
3 Tbsp Mascarpone
4 Tbps powdered sugar (if you like it swetter add more)
3 Egg Yolks (pasteurized; though I just use fresh ones)
Lady Fingers
Pwerderd Cocoa to decorate
Fresh strawberries to decorate

Then get a nerly 4 year old to help, make sure the bow is sitting correctly. Poor in all 4 ingrednts together



Don't foget the sugar.

THEN start to MIX
and tast
And Mix
and tast
and maybe just one more tast

OK, now will do, once everthing is mixed into a nice sauce poor into a isi bottel 0.5L add 1 or 2 chargers, I had to add 2. Shake well and put it in the fridge. Put kid to bed here, as it is getting late and they do need a good nights sleep befor kindy, unless of course you injoy a grampy kid.

Passion Fruit Sauce
1 Cup frish pasion fruit pulp
1 Cup Orange Juice
1/2 Cup Sugar
maybe extra sugar

Cover the floor of a pot with sugar
When it starts to melt add a bit more sugar
It will start to turn brown very fast.
Keep Adding sugar till it is all used up, just do not let it burn or it will tast realy bitter.

Add Orange juice, just watch out it will spit and splatter. So keep CAMRA and hands out of the way.
Keep sturing so the sugar that has foubed a nice lump desolves again, then let it reduice down to about half the amount.

Then add passion Fruit pulp and let it reduice down agian, till you have about a cup left, tast it, if you want it sweeter add some sugar. You will need to get it out of your cabourd. Once you are happy with the sweetness, put it in the fringe along with your tirmasu cream and let it get cold.

 Strawberry Sauce
2 Cups Forzen strawberry
1/2 Cup Sugar
maybe extra sugar
and some orange juice

Carmalize the sugar like you did for the pasion fruit sauce, but instead of adding Orange juice, befor the sugar gets to dark, add in the frozen strawberries.  Watch the steam make prity pattiens. Don't forget to keep mixing or the sugar will start to burn, what we don't want to happen. 

Poor into a blinder and mix into a sauce. Now this may be a bit thik so add some Orange juice, out of the fringe agian. Maybe even some more sugar if you need it. I just don't like things too sweet. Once you have gotten it to the tast you like also put it to the other things too cool down.

Now Cames the fun PART 
Get everhting out of the firdge and get your glasses where you want to put it in. 
This is what you should have.

1 Isi bottel with the cream
1 bowl with the pasion fruit sauce
1 bowl with strawberry sause
1 plate of Lady Fingers

Get your first galss, in the bottem put your first choice of sauce, I used strawberry. Then add a layer of Cream.

Now take your lady fingers and put them around the out side of the glass. Pushing them slightly into the cream that they hold there.When done put a layer or your next sause, my case the pasion friut sauce, then some more cream. Keep going to you get to the top of the glass.

Starting to look good.

When you havegotten to the top sprikel some cocoa poweder on, add a bit of sauce then put 1/4 of a frish strawberry on top. I like the lady fingers crunchy as I do not like soggy foods so I would say put it together shortly befor serving, do the decoations at the last minute. So even if you get it ready just befor your guest arive, don't put the decorations on till you are going to serve it.


Now if you are like me you made too much, as I don't even know how many I could serive like this I made this the next day wih the left over cream and strawberry.  Just add a bit of icing sugar to tast to the strabieris, put in a bowl, then take some of the creame and put it on top. Decorate with 1/4 a strabirrie and if you have any sauce left over put that on top too. Then you have strawberry with Mascopne cream.