My Camara's

So far I have always used point and shots, since I can't afford a DSRL camera, but it is on my birthday wish list this year.

My first camera I got when I was 10, I don't even know what type it is, I didn't really care at that time.

After 3 years it started to slow down, guess taking it to the sand duens don't do a camra too good, my grandfather got me my first Canon camera, I still have it, guess putting a film in it and holding up the flash since the spring in that is broken and playing with the zoom, it would still take photos, now it is over 10 years old. I don't know how many 100 of pictures that camera took in the years I was using it. It was a Canon prima super 28. Since that camera after about 6 years of use started to be a bit hard to use I wanted a new one, my grandmother got me my first digital camera. Of course i wanted anther Canon since this one had taken so many good photos, I got a Canon PowerShot A80, loved the fact that i could turn the screen on it what made taking photos on the ground easier, no more laying down, Just loved it, after 2-3 years and a few falls it stopped working. Now it is the kids play camara. My Littel girl runs around telling evrone to cheese.

With this camera braking I had to buy my first camera at this point, I got my self a Canon PowerShot A630 after about a year despaired, to this day we have no idea where it went, last we remember we were looking at some photos I took from our day trip when we got in the car. I really wanted to get that one again, It was taking grate photos for me but the shop didn't stock it anymore and to get a new one would of coasted me a few 100 Euro more then getting the one I have now. A Canon PowerShot A720 IS up till now I was really happy with it, except that it eats batteries, and it will only use the flash if i put new batteries in it, otherwise it wont work. This camera has taken over 10000 photos in the last 2 years. Been with me in 4 or more countries flown around the world to New Zealand. Captured the birth of my son. But I still can't wait for a new and better camera, now I just need to work out what I want.

I didn't end up getting a SLR for my birthday, but I got myself a Canon Powershot D10, this is an underwater camara. Since I love swimming and the kids do too, it is a grate investment. It is also shock proof to 1.22m so I can let the kids use it with out realy worring if they drop it. A deffent plus with littel kids around.

In november 2010 I picked up the carouge and bought myslef a Canon ESO 60D, with a kit lens. This is ALOT of money to spend on my self. BUT I did it. Now, I need to lurn to work this thing.