July 27, 2010

RAW(e) - 2(6)

This challenge is easy to take part in.

what you have to do is go into
your 2nd folder of photos and post the 6th photo there. Doesn't matter what it is.
How silly, how beautiful, how awful, how embarrassing-doesn't MATTER!!!
Though the photo the was in my photo folder is a scanned in photo of when I was about 4ish, so yeah I did not take this photo, I do not know who took this photo. But it was the photo I that the interactions lead me too, anyone want to guess who I am?

Birthday parities, can't wait to do bigger ones once my kids get older. Just hope the space comes by then too.

Anyways head over to Sailor & Company to see more unedited pictures.

Color Splash Sunday - Jewelry/Accessories

What a fun theme, I actually wanted to take some pics of this necklace out of green stone (green jade) that my mum gave me for my 21st on a plant at my grandmothers, that we gave her 2 years ago. Its a Amorphophallus Rivieri Though I have to say my grandmother is doing a MUCH better job with this plant then I am, I did a bit of googling to find the "english name only found the latain one" I can found out it should flower after 4-5 years, well ours is defiantly older then that and we have never had a flower. The cool thing about them is that the brunches have tear drops on them. Though not often.

Well all for all here is my photo with my 3 little trees, (though you can only see 2) OH and my green stone necklace that I got for my 21st. I love this thing.

Guess I'm lucky that the linky stays open till Wednesday, since I am just a little late at posting this it is Tuesday evening. So quickly head on over Amy's blog, Artistically Amy for more color splash photos.

July 20, 2010

I ♥ Faces - Over My Head

This weeks theme is over my head. I had all theas good ideas I wanted to try, but I just kinda run out of time. Was going to take the photos today but Mr Mar Jr took a plange of the changing tabel and smaked his tooth into his jaw, what a grate start to the day, we rushed to the ER and were out in about 30-45 mins. We got to skip all the lines. The Dr said his tooth should just come out again, worst case senario, is that it gets infected and wont go away with antibiotics and they have to orperate him. This is the 3rd time we have been to the ER with him. Ms Mar, she has never been. Guess we have a realy boy on our hands.

Anyways no time left to take photos by the end of the day so I went through my archives and found this shot from back in april 2008. My brother doing a flip of a swing. Yeh, Everthing is OVER his HEAD body wise. As soon as I saw this I knew this was the photo I was going to use.

So head on over to iheartfaces.com to see more entupriations of over my head.

July 18, 2010

Color Splash Sunday - Ice Cream

Ms Mar was happy with the choice of this weeks theam, ICE CREAM One of Her favourites write now. Though I did do a photo shoot at home with both kids eating together from one ice cream cone, but my camera was playing up (as it dose when it wants to use the flash sometimes) so they photos came out VERY grainy. I think during the last 2 weeks I had about 5 different times I was taking photos of ice cream and the kiddies, and wasn't happy with the results till last night when I took this photo. I actually saw something like this one a different blog, when I find it I'll link it up, though they saw it in the neighbors table in a restaurant. I just copied it more or less. Its the dough you use for profiteer rolls, then strawberry ice cream into the middle, with cream and fresh strawberries. I don't even know if that is what it relay was, but it did looks something like this.

Head over to Artistically Amy and her Color Splash Sunday to see more ice cream color splashes.

July 16, 2010

I ♥ Faces - Foto Story - My Country

Why do I love this country, well sorry any Austina's reading this it isn't because of your friendliness... But more about the buildings here and the history you get to see while here. My plan was to go for a bike ride with the kids from our apartment to the city center, but time got a hold of me and I didn't get time to do that... Yeah excuses but so what, we are melting in the heat over here, so we took it to the ZOO, yeah the ZOO, now this isn't any odd zoo it is the oldest zoo in the world founded by imperial menagerie in 1752.

So we took the underground to...

Then when you get out and turn around and look at the tracks this is the old station built by Otto Wagner's Hofpavillon in 1899, this used to be a Stadtbahn station used for the Imperial family.

First you walk into the Palace Gardens and see the HUGE green house. Ms Mar asking if she can go and play in the fountain, but no that is not allowed, Like 99% of the fun stuff you may want to do in the palace gardens.

 Glad I didn't need to go in there having the 35°C we had here, I do not want to know what temp and humidity they have in there.

also I love the Fiaker that are still around, one happened to pass us we walked into the palace grounds.

When you enter the zoo one of the first things you see is the pavilion meant for imperial breakfasts.

A few more steeps and this is what you see. Now can you imagine the Empire and Empires sitting in there enjoying there breakfast.

The pavilion is surrounded by 13 enclosures, what are still used today. Though ALLOT has changed since it was opened. The Giraffes, usually the first stop for a few mins so Mr Mar JR can squel at the animals.

The old lion Cage, or at least the out side part of it, there is a bit of a inside part that is still used for the lions today.

Now this is the new Part of the lion cage.

I felt sorry for the sea lions having to lay around in 35°C sunshine while the cleaned there tank. Shame we didn't get to watch the show this time, but it is so fun, plus we would of gotten a bit wet, that would of done good.

We then went onto watch the polar bear with its lets do something therapy... Get the fish out of the container... The kids just LOVED watching the poler bear do its work. She was jumping up and throughing the container around in the end the fish was hers, she did take of into her "house" really fast after she was done.

Since it was relay too hot for the zoo we went to the water playground there, for a bit of a snake and a cool down. Theas water play grounds they have all over Vienna are so fun.

While the kiddies were playing I went over to the Who knows what it is, but they just had babies, Though trying to get photos of them wasn't easy and after about 15 mins this is all I got, cos they went to sleep and stoped moving around.

After all that it was slowly time to head home, we got to see the hippos how had decided to leave the water, and rome around a bit.

then we still did a quick stop at one of the many drinking fountains around the zoo to fill up our water bottles and get ready to leave, this is right by the exit.

Then it was time to go home in the OVER hot underground. We sure were glad to be home in the end.

The kids really enjoyed there day playing in the zoo. Thank god for year passes otherwise going to the zoo would be VERY expansive. Basically after the 3rd time we go to the zoo it is for free.

Last veu be for getting out of the underground, yeah our underground goes above ground in allot of places.

Thanks For reading, I definitely didn't realize how long a blog post like this takes to edit and post.

July 14, 2010

RAW(e) - Desserts

MMMMMMM, what a grate theme. Its off some Pariser Spitz, LOL, no idea what they are called in english, BUT I love eating them. The grate thing it is one bite and it is enough so you don't need more, too sweet.  I took this about 2 years (wow that seems long ago, when I was prego with Mr Mar JR) at work. It was one of the first pictur that came to  my mind. And it is making me want one...

So hear over to http://sailorandcompany.blogspot.com to see more unedited photos.

July 13, 2010

A new Look

So I have made a new layout for my blog, I am hoping it looks fine to everyone els too. Took me a while to change what I wanted it still isn't 100% how I want it, but I hope to work that all out soon. But most of it is looking the way I like it.

I hope you like my new layout, not that it is much different from my last layout, but everything works now, since be for quick editing wasn't working and is now. Please let me know if the comment form isn't working since I have changed it to under the post and not in a pop up window anymore.

July 12, 2010

Color Splash Sunday - Water

This weeks theam is water, at first I though oh no, making water the main thing and not huge was hard, yes very hard. But in the end I think I edit about 5 or so deffernt photos, from night time fotos of paris to  water pooring out of a shel, from plants reflicting on the water. Now I have no idea what one I like best. They all have somthing deffernt to interresting, from clear water, to cool paten, to just grate colors.

So I will let you choice what ones you like best... ok there are 4 of them

#1, Paris by night.

#2, Reeds reflicting on the water

#3, Water pouring out of a shel, my 12 year old cousen (birthday today, born on the day when france won the soccer world cup, you realy needed to know that) dived it up from the bottom of the pond, from the photo above.

#4, just onther shot of water pouring out of the shell.

I have realy found the love to editing photos like this now, and if I may say so myself, the photos are getting alot better.

Please tell me what one do you like best.

Now head over to Artisticaly Amy to see more color splash photos. Next weeks theam is ice cream, I know Miss Mar would LOVE me if I took her out to the ice cream parlor to get a cup, but I don't know if I feel like spending money on it... I'll have to see, since we do eat ice cream nerly every day right now, its just sooooo HOT like way to HOT, my poor kids...

July 6, 2010

RAW(e) - Flowers

This is the first time I am joing in over at http://sailorandcompany.blogspot.com/ with there RAW(e) contest. I accualy love seeing theas photos, untouched ones. Since I know most photos found on the web theas days have had a bit of eiditng done. So my photo is a close up of a rose that I took at my grandparents. LOL, i did do a bit of editing, I resized it and added in my name. But I am guessing that is alowed as uploading a none resized pic takes long, and also longer to load for others.

The rules are DO NOT EDIT, just use in strait out of camara, its that easy. Oh and it makes alot faster to get a post done if you don't need to edit photos first...

Anyway here is my rose.

July 4, 2010

Color Splash Sunday - You Choice #2

Here goes the next your choice over at Artistically Amy's. This time I had an ALLOT easier choice on what photo to use. Though it was taken about 2 months ago after my little girls run at my grandmothers, it only now accord to me that it would make a REALLY cool photo to color splash. Mr Mar JR sitting at the sand pit with his blue overalls. I love the faded/old look on his overalls, OK, that is cos the are old. I don't know how old, but they are from my auntie and there youngest turns 12 next week. So yeah they are old. But hand me downs with clothes are GRATE for little kids. They only have them on a few months then they are too small. So most of the time the stuff still looks grate.

So if you want to see more color splashed Photos head over to Artistically Amy's to see more of our choice photos, or to find out the upcoming themes.

July 1, 2010

In a Yellow House - Vaction

BWS tips button I love Vacation, or how I actually would say is holiday. Though we don't often go on holiday since when we do go we go to New Zealand, and flying half way across the world isn't cheap, even less that we are 4 people now. Though I have been over there 3 times with Miss Mar since she has been born. But Mr Mar JR hasn't been over there yet, but he has been to 2 different counties already... But that isn't hard if you live in a land locked country where it only takes 1-3 hours to get to the next capital city. So day trips are easy.

More to the photo I am going to post. With having 12 hours time defence it takes a few days for kids and adults alike to get used to the time defence, this photo was taken on our second day there, I was at my dads and decided to take Miss Mar down to the beach at some outrages early time, something like 530 to 6am, a time my kids don't often get up at...  But we got to see the sun rise on the beach, and my kids LOVE the water, so what was going to stop her going into the water the cold would of stopped me. She was SOAKED by the time I thought it was late enough to go back to the house.

Anyway, here is my little girl looking into the sun rise.
So for more pictures of peoples vacations head over to http://inayellowhouse.blogspot.com to take part in this photo challenge.