July 27, 2010

RAW(e) - 2(6)

This challenge is easy to take part in.

what you have to do is go into
your 2nd folder of photos and post the 6th photo there. Doesn't matter what it is.
How silly, how beautiful, how awful, how embarrassing-doesn't MATTER!!!
Though the photo the was in my photo folder is a scanned in photo of when I was about 4ish, so yeah I did not take this photo, I do not know who took this photo. But it was the photo I that the interactions lead me too, anyone want to guess who I am?

Birthday parities, can't wait to do bigger ones once my kids get older. Just hope the space comes by then too.

Anyways head over to Sailor & Company to see more unedited pictures.

The folder I had to use actually should only have folders in it, but since I had scanned some photos from when I was a kid it just happened to have some photos in it.

If you are in any way interested of how my folders are set up.

  • Photos
    • Backed up
      • 2005
        • Jan
        • Feb
        • march
        • etc
      • 2006
        • Jan
        • Feb
        • march
        • etc
      • 2007
      • ETC
    • to backed up
      • 2010*
        • March
        • April
        • May
      • Photo shop (ones I play around with and online public)
      • small edit (ones that go online privet how ever privet privet is)

*So the reason there are usually no photos in there is cos well they just ain't usually taken then. I move my photos are ALLOT, and I back them up on an external hard drive plus DVDs. The reason, I have had my laptop crash on me 2 times and lost all my photos. I have also had my external hard drive get so bugged up so it stopped working. How much I would love to have the photos that were on there back. As at that point it was one of my only places I was backing up. The reason I have it done 2x now.


Amy said...

OOh, tough one! At first, I thought you were the blonde on the far right, because your daughter has blonde hair. But now I am thinking that you are the third from the left with the green sweater.

Krystal said...

Ohhhh what a neat picture!

Mrs Mar said...

Amy Yes I am the one with the green sweater. Good gussing. All in all I don't think I have changed too much.

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