About Me

I'm Mrs Mar, I was born in Austria, moved to New Zealand when I was 10 months old with my parents, then just be for my 17th birthday I went to Canada as an exchange student, then moved back to Austria, for my apprenticeship.

I started to take photos when I was 10, that is when I got my first camera. Since then I have been clicking clicking clicking and love it. My other hobby as a child was cooking and that is what I followed through to do professionally. During my 3 year apprenticeship I meet my partner and became pregnant with my Little girl. 3 years after she was born my son came into this world. I have found my love to photography again through them, and am taking even more photos now then ever be for.

Now I am trying to think of a job that is family friendly since hospitality isn't.

Guess that is a quick blurb about me. Feel Free to ask my a q. in a comment on the post. and I'll do my best to answer it.