February 20, 2012

I Heart Faces ~ Hugs & Kisses

When I opened Facebook this morning and saw the theme for I heart Faces being hugs and Kisses I new exactly what photo I would be entering. And it has been a LONG time since I have entered anything due to the fact of having landline, now I am back to having broad band.

One I took as we were playing down by the ocean in Auckland, just after we arrived there, just under a year ago. Now sitting back in Vienna, I miss it. Even more knowing how warm there summer turned. Though we have had a grate time in the snow here. The sun is still nicer.

The kids were sitting on the side of a wall, when I told them to kiss, what would a 2 and 5 year old do. Sibling love, why is it now that they can fight just as much as they can be nice and love each other.

My 2 Darlings.
Day 111

So head on over to iheartfaces.com to see more grate photos including Faces.

February 15, 2012

Week 52 of Project 365 – LAST DAY

DONE, WOW one year has past and I have done it. Only missed 15 days. I learnt so much during this year. Now on to my next project, it has only taking  me 2 months to finish posting the photos, BUT, the photos were all taken at the correct time. So here is my last photo of project 365. Now at some point I want to start a new project, called one year to a better photographer, were I will be going through new things each week, and luring about them. Not quite as much stress as doing a project 365, I am really glad I stuck to it. Now I also hope to be able to enter more linkys again. Also being back in Austria it will be easer as I have broadband and no more landline.

DAY 365
Trauriges Smiley NOW, I had taken a photo BUT I dropped my hard drive and hadn’t put it online yet. SO ITS GONE, though still 2 months later trying  Trauriges Smiley
to work out how to get my photos back.
Currently I am playing to do a online back up too, I will be using flickr to store photos online as a 3rd back up. and one that backs up start away with CF cards that have WIFI on it. I have not done it yet, but it will happen VERY soon.

Week 52 of Project 365

DAY 358
Missed This Day.
DAY 359
First time using my intervalometer and put the camera on Manuel not bulb. So instead of taking 2min exposures, I was taking 13sec exposures 2 mins apart. This is what happened....
Day 359

DAY 360
The kids always ran wild during and after I was doing the lawn.
Day 360

DAY 361
My ballerina in her stage outfit.
Day 361

DAY 362
Mr Mar jr decided to eat his breakfast this way for a while, in the washing basket with his wetbex in his lunchbox.
Day 362

DAY 363
Playing tea party at playcenter.
Day 363

DAY 364
My bread, it was a hollow bread but I filled it with meat loaf, cool surprise.Day 364

Week 51 of Project 365

DAY 351
Sun coming up over the hill.
Day 351

DAY 352
Plain taking off from Auckland Airport.
Day 352

DAY 353
Down town Auckland.
Day 353

DAY 354
Auckland City at night.
Day 354

DAY 355
Mr Mar Jr running around.
Day 355

DAY 356
With Ms Mar’s class on a class trip to a local diary farm.
Day 356

DAY 357
My Props for my first upcoming new born photo shooting.Day 357

Week 50 of Project 365

DAY 344
Fluffy Ms Mar’s bunny rabbit.
Day 344

DAY 345
Night one of the play Another Stupid Wall, all done.
Day 345

DAY 346
Night 2 of the Play Another Stupid Wall, directed by my mother.
Day 346

DAY 347
The base of this years x-mass card.
Day 347

DAY 348
Top of a ponga tree.
Day 348

DAY 349
The old shower down by our bus.
Day 349

DAY 350
Mr Mar Jr at his gym class.Day 350

Week 49 of Project 365

DAY 337
Mr Mar Jr watching me take photos of a cake.
Day 337

DAY 338
For the school pet day Ms Mar took her bunny rabbit that we just got for this day and get to keep till we leave New Zealand.
Day 338

DAY 339
Maccaroons, I like the way they turned out.
Day 339

DAY 340
Pin weal cookies, theas are yummy.
Day 340

DAY 341
Mr Mar Jr posing with the bunnies.
Day 341

DAY 342
At the local eara school, ready for the play Another Stupid wall.
Day 342

DAY 343
Our bunny rabbits at about 5weeks old.Day 343

Week 48 of Project 365

DAY 330
Missed This Day.
DAY 331
I had wanted to do a star trail photo, using the computer as an intervalometer, BUT in the morning it had stopped working and this is what all 4 photos looked like. That was a fail...
Day 331

DAY 332
Mr Mar Jr asleep on the back of the kayak, this seemed to be his most favorit postion on the water.Day 333
DAY 333
Missed This Day.
DAY 334
Day 334 

DAY 335
Missed This Day.

DAY 336
Mr Mar Jr Blowing bubbles.Day 336

Week 47 of Project 365

DAY 323
Start Trails.
Day 323

DAY 324
Black forest cake.
Day 324

DAY 325
Mounganui harbour, the world famous fish and chip shop on the left, the pa in the centre back, and the Warf on the right.
Day 325

DAY 326
Love the flower effect that happened here.
Day 326

DAY 327
Milk splashing in the spoon, all out of focus, was focused just behind the spoon, also my shutter was too long.
Day 327

DAY 328
Did it again, had the same setting looked focus on the camera screen.
Day 328

DAY 329
Pizza line up, all ready to go in the oven.Day 329

Week 46 of Project 365

DAY 316
Missed This Day.
DAY 317
Moring due on the washing line.
Day 317

DAY 318
Buddy Asleep on his bed.
Day 318

DAY 319
Star Trails.
Day 319

DAY 320
My mum with some of the potatoes we planted.
Day 320

DAY 321
Ms Mar learnt to ride her bike.Day 321
DAY 322
High raised beds, with bird netting..
Day 322

Week 45 of Project 365


DAY 309
This is sometimes what I find at night, a little kid asleep in my bed.
Day 309

DAY 310
Fire burring in a pizza oven.
Day 310

DAY 311
One of my all time favourite photos up till now.
Day 311

DAY 312
This photo was more a accident then anything, I had the flash sitting on the table and pushed the button on the camera.
Day 312

DAY 313
Ballet performance, and little Mr Mar Jr had to jump in too.
Day 313

DAY 314
Kids admiring the baby.Day 314
DAY 315
Missed this day.