June 28, 2010

I ♥ Faces - Pets

This weeks theam is Pets, I wish I had some pets over here, but since I don't I used a photo that I took of Miss Mar back in 2008 when I was on vaction in New Zealand at my mums. The baby chicks were a few days old when we arived, and Miss Mar loved feeding them. By the time we left my mums about 4 weeks later she was sceard of them. So here is Miss Mar feeding the cheks.

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June 27, 2010

Color Splash Sunday - Food

This weeks theme is chosen by The Mommy over at Twenty Little Toes.
MMMMMM, I love food, being a chef I guess that is good that I love food. But to tell you the truth I do not have on photo of food on my laptop that would look good to color splash. Guess I was lucky I didn't have to start cooking something that will look good to color splash in the end. Didn't feel like taking the time for that. So instead I went to work with my partner (who is a pastry chef) and took a photo of the restaurant he works in. Since I was there during the afternoon brake no food was being sent so I couldn't take photos of food then ether.

I actually really like the logo of this restaurant, it is located on the Junden platz, (Jew square) where a memorial for the Jews stands. And all around are old Viennese buildings. Walking through town yesterday, I remember how much I just love the architecture here.

Well onto my photo. From Ella's

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June 23, 2010

Wordless Wednesday #10

My son in thought, This is in the back yard of my grandparents place.

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In a Yellow House - WATER

BWS tips button So this is the first time I am entring over at In A Yellow House. I have seen some cool threams from there on other blogs around the blogespher. And I knew I had just the right pictuer for this weeks thream. WATER. When my dad was here back in 2007 we went down to the swimming pond and I was taking photos of the splash when the stone hit the water, I do not have a high speed camara or anything fancy, this photo was taken with a Point and Shot a Canon PowerShot A630 (still wishing I new where it got too with the photos on it, my mini trypod and the extra SD card I had a 512mb one ;) )

Anyway this is my entry:

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June 22, 2010

I ♥ Faces - Celebrating Teens

This week over at I Faces we are “Celebrating Teens” Photo Challenge, I don't have any teenagers are ound where I can take fotos of, there is my brother in Law but I don't have any of him, came to remember when my borther (18) was here I did some fun photos of him jumping of a railing at night with the city of vienna behind him. Quilty wise not the best pic, but I just love it. I think it shows what teens like freedom, what is better then jumping.I still need to workout more of the settings with the flash and so on, LOL, it isn't easy to time when the flash will go off befor, I think i had the lens open for 2 seconds to get the movement, then I had the flash flash just befor the lens closes again, to get him frozen in air.

So here is my entry for this week,

So head over to iheartfaces.com and cheek out more fotos of teens.

June 21, 2010

Color Splash Sunday - Toys From Today

Todays theam is toys of today, so toys that didn't exest when we were kids, I have so much laying around, having 2 kids, but I didn't want to do the eletic car play divice thing, or some fund balls that they have. I was going to since well what els am I suposed to use. Well we went to my grand perants, and my grad dad had just taken appart some wodden peellets those where they trasport stuff on in the shops where you need the forklefts.

Well while doing that he had taken out the littel blocks in the middel they were realy cool for the kids to play with, and right now Mr Mars JR's thing is staking, so I took a photo of him sittingout side staking the wooden blocks. So my toys of today not even a day old toys, deffently not around when I was a kid...

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June 17, 2010

Carbon Neutralize Blog Hop

Carbon Nutraliz Blog HopOK, so I have decided to take this carbon neutralize thing to the next steep, for me anyways. I will be doing a blog hop and planting trees for my followers, for all the lovely comments you leave on my post, oh how do we all love comments, and for everyone who is going to join in the blog hop, OK not every single person as I am hoping that it will get out of hand hope dies last. See the cool thing is you don't need to follow my blog, hay you don't even need have ever visited my blog to take part in the blog hop. But you do need to follow the 4 small rules that came with it to take part in the blog hop. Make sure you do the most important at all go to the Carbon Neutral Website  and get your blog Carbon Neutralized

I will Plant a tree for every
  •  5ed follower till I reach 50 then every 10th follower
  • 10th comment on a post
  • 10th blog hopper
  • 1000th visitor to this blog (counter on the bottom)
    So far I am at
    • 1 Trees for my Followers
    • 3 Trees for the comments 
    • 0 Trees for the Blog hoppers
    • 1 Trees for visitors to the blog
    • 3 TOTAL
    Trees That I have Planted and Where.

    NONE, I don't even know WHERE I will plant the trees yet, but I know I will find a place, probably when I am home at my mums or dads and plant them there, I may even find some plants that I can put on my balcony that will survive the winters too. Since I don't own property here I can't plant any here, so relatives will have to help out with a bit of land.

          How to join the Carbon Neutralize blog hop:
          1. Have the official Carbon Neutralize button on your blog and do all there steeps → Click Here for that 
          2. Put the Carbon Neutralize Blog Hop button on your post/blog
          3. Plant a tree for your followers*
          4. Plant a tree for comments*
          5. Plant a tree for visitors that came to your blog (if you have a counter)*
          6. Plant a tree for the blog hoppers*
          7. Add these rules to your post
          8. Add the blog hop to your post, click on get the code here under the blog hop
          *please click here for more information

          My first blog Award

          Was I suprised when I had a comment from The Mommy that I should head over to her blog Twenty Little Toes that she has an award for me, WOW, sombody thinks enough of this blog to give me an award and I haven't even realy been blogging for that long (though I did start this blog back in 2008, but only done a few post then and have realy gotten into it the last 4 or so months)

          Well the award I got is the Outstanding Blogger Award, my blog is OUTSTANING, WOW

          NOW, I need to pass this award on to some bloggers who I find outstanding.

          Amy @ Artistically Amy 
          Chelsey @ ♥ the paper mama
          Tia @ Christphor and Tia
          Neel @ Being Zara & Zidan (though I know you already got it) Guess your blog is over outstanding...

          Now its up to your grils to pass it on again to more Outstanding bloggers.

          June 16, 2010

          Wordless Wednesday #9

          My 2 cuties pies going for a walk along the Prater Alee. I just love how Miss Mar is looking after her little brother.

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          June 15, 2010

          I ♥ Faces - All about babies

          I love babies, but then I guess most people do, over at I ♥  Faces this week the theam is babies, but since not everone has a baby it can also be baby clothes, baby boots anything that represents babies. My big baby is 4 and my little baby is one, but I when he was a few days old I was taking photos of him for his birth annoucment, This is one of my favort fotos that I took, though I didn't end up using it on his annoucment because it didn't fit into the big pictur. I am sure this week will be VERY hard for Amy & Angie to sort through what photos will go through to this weeks guest judge.

          So head over to iheartfaces.blogspot.com to cheek out more photos of cute little babies.

          June 14, 2010

          Color Splash Sunday - Toys From Yesterday

          What a fun theam Amy has chosen this week in her color splash sunday, old toys that are older then 10 years. Well there are a few, from an old ride on tracktor from my partner, but it dosn't look old. Or my teddy bear I got for my first birthday, thats nerly 24 years old. But we went and visted my Grandparnts on the weekend, so my kids GRATE grandpartens. They grew up during the second world war, they were kids at the time, but the problem with growing up druing the war toys isn't somthing you have. I asked my grand mother if there is anything of hers that she still has, but she didn't have anything, then she rememberd my granddad has a teddy bear, this bear is going on to 70 years. To add a bit more to it I tryed making the photo look a bit older, LOL, I don't think it looks older, well it looks like I tryed. Guess is still have some luring to do.

          Any way here it is, The 2 bears to the left and right of my granddads belong to my dad and my uncal. So 3 out of those bears would fit well into this theam.


          June 8, 2010

          Wordless Wednesday #8

          Its Raining Its pooring the old man is snoring...

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          June 7, 2010

          I ♥ Faces - Play

          This week we are playing, don't we all love play, now having 2 kids having photos of kids playing isn't that hard, I took a bunch this weeks of the kids playing in the kiddy pool (now don't know if we can still call this a kiddy pool what they have with slide and so on) but they didn't have anything on and do not want to post those pics so everone can see them on the net...

          Thow for the yellow them I used a simmler photo of my Mr Mar JR, this week I am using one from Miss Mar and her HUGE bubble. This toy is just soooo fun, but hard, I think she got about 5 big bubbles but never one to leave the bubble blower. Here is my lovely girl with her huge bubble.

          So please head over to I♥Faces.com to cheek out more playing photos.

          Color Splash Sunday - You Choice

          Photobucket This week over at Artistically Amy a few things have changed, first what is cool, is if there are more then 6 entries there will be a winning photo. How cool is that. Also what has changed the first sunday of each month will be your choice, EEEK, my choice, OK i can do somthing sombody tells me too but my choice, help, so I sepnt all week looking for a photo I can use for my choice. Taking phtotos of a whole bunch of things, then when we were in the graden on saterday Miss Mar found a ladybug, I put it on the rose bush and splashed that one with this out come.

          I found a new cool way to make photos black and white, or how ever, make them more silvery or like this one a very light green shade, I use the gradent tool in photoshop, I think it is so fun. So no more plain B&W but interresting colord black and whites....

          June 4, 2010

          My first web page

          So a few years ago I asked my dad if he wanted a web page for his busniss, he makes outdoor kitons, courtyards, with inbuilt pizza ovens and BBQ. Well, yeh, it has teken a while, but I have FINNLY gotten it done, a few more tweeks and it will be 100% finnished. Though a recpies page will still came.

          Cheek it out and tell me what you think. I have had fun making it, also if you know anthing about coding and feel like having a look at it or see somthing not working please let me know.

          Here is the link

          June 1, 2010

          I ♥ Faces (or feet) - Barefoot Week

          This week is the non-compitative week again, this week they are raising ahwerness for a charity called Soles 4 Soul. This week we don't need to have faces but feet in our pictuers, as many or as littel as we like, bearfoot or just shoes. I have HEAPS of photos of feet, who dosn't when they have kids, kids feet are just so cute, even more when they are itty witty little babies. So after you have looked through my post head over to both I♥ Faces.com and soles4souls.org

          Mr Mar Jr's feet at about age 5 days.

           This next photo was taken at the beach in New Zealand, on our second vacy there. We had a fun day running around barefoot on the beach.

          Theas next photos I took them on the weekend in Austiras biggest womans race the DM Frauenlauf I also ran this race and took 31mins 17 seconds for the 5km. My best time so far, my goal is to get to run it in 30 mins, so I was only 17 seconds off that...

          Though, the photos are from when we were getting the start numbers on the day befor during the kids race, so more kids feet,

          Grils (4 year olds) waiting for the race to start. I was suprised at how fast Miss Mar could run while holding my hand, the littlest were alowed to run with there parents, Miss Mar probably came in the top 10, and if I was holding her hand from the get go I think we could of even made the top 5 if not 3, but I didn't think she would be abel to run that fast. She also got confused at the turn around since it was 100m one way and 100 back again. LOL, she did a few spins at the top end befor I was abel to direct her in the write postion and grab her hand and finnish running to the other end with her.

          The boys (4 year olds) Race

          About Soles 4 Souls: Soles4Souls is a Nashville-based charity that collects shoes from the warehouses of footwear companies and the closets of people like you. The charity distributes these shoes free of charge to people in need, regardless of race, religion, class, or any other criteria. Since 2005, Soles4Souls has given away over 7 million pairs of new and gently worn shoes (currently donating one pair every 9 seconds.) The shoes have been distributed to people in over 125 countries, including Kenya, Thailand, Nepal and the United States. Soles4Souls has been featured in Runner's World, Ladies’ Home Journal, National Geographic’s Green Guide, and The New York Times. It has appeared on CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, BBC, CNN and thousands of regional news outlets across North America. Soles4Souls is a 501(c)(3) recognized by the IRS and donating parties are eligible for tax advantages. Anyone can join our cause, and we need your help. 

          So Please go and cheek out there websight and maybe you can do somthing to help out.