June 21, 2010

Color Splash Sunday - Toys From Today

Todays theam is toys of today, so toys that didn't exest when we were kids, I have so much laying around, having 2 kids, but I didn't want to do the eletic car play divice thing, or some fund balls that they have. I was going to since well what els am I suposed to use. Well we went to my grand perants, and my grad dad had just taken appart some wodden peellets those where they trasport stuff on in the shops where you need the forklefts.

Well while doing that he had taken out the littel blocks in the middel they were realy cool for the kids to play with, and right now Mr Mars JR's thing is staking, so I took a photo of him sittingout side staking the wooden blocks. So my toys of today not even a day old toys, deffently not around when I was a kid...

So head on over to Amy's Blog to link up your coloer spalsh photo.


Amy said...

What a cute picture! I'm glad the blocks are strategically placed in front of him. ;) But this is such a great capture - innocent and honest.

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