June 22, 2010

I ♥ Faces - Celebrating Teens

This week over at I Faces we are “Celebrating Teens” Photo Challenge, I don't have any teenagers are ound where I can take fotos of, there is my brother in Law but I don't have any of him, came to remember when my borther (18) was here I did some fun photos of him jumping of a railing at night with the city of vienna behind him. Quilty wise not the best pic, but I just love it. I think it shows what teens like freedom, what is better then jumping.I still need to workout more of the settings with the flash and so on, LOL, it isn't easy to time when the flash will go off befor, I think i had the lens open for 2 seconds to get the movement, then I had the flash flash just befor the lens closes again, to get him frozen in air.

So here is my entry for this week,

So head over to iheartfaces.com and cheek out more fotos of teens.


Jo Worsnop said...

This is a very cool teen pic, love the pose and the crazy lights below him. Thanks for commenting on my post and by the way the beach is Bethels:)

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