June 14, 2010

Color Splash Sunday - Toys From Yesterday

What a fun theam Amy has chosen this week in her color splash sunday, old toys that are older then 10 years. Well there are a few, from an old ride on tracktor from my partner, but it dosn't look old. Or my teddy bear I got for my first birthday, thats nerly 24 years old. But we went and visted my Grandparnts on the weekend, so my kids GRATE grandpartens. They grew up during the second world war, they were kids at the time, but the problem with growing up druing the war toys isn't somthing you have. I asked my grand mother if there is anything of hers that she still has, but she didn't have anything, then she rememberd my granddad has a teddy bear, this bear is going on to 70 years. To add a bit more to it I tryed making the photo look a bit older, LOL, I don't think it looks older, well it looks like I tryed. Guess is still have some luring to do.

Any way here it is, The 2 bears to the left and right of my granddads belong to my dad and my uncal. So 3 out of those bears would fit well into this theam.



The Mommy said...

That's almost vintage!!
Love it, great job as usual:)

Amy said...

It DOES look vintage-y! And I love that the bears on the sides are looking at the bear in the middle, like they are wondering why he in color and they aren't. ;)

This fits the theme perfectly!

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