June 15, 2010

I ♥ Faces - All about babies

I love babies, but then I guess most people do, over at I ♥  Faces this week the theam is babies, but since not everone has a baby it can also be baby clothes, baby boots anything that represents babies. My big baby is 4 and my little baby is one, but I when he was a few days old I was taking photos of him for his birth annoucment, This is one of my favort fotos that I took, though I didn't end up using it on his annoucment because it didn't fit into the big pictur. I am sure this week will be VERY hard for Amy & Angie to sort through what photos will go through to this weeks guest judge.

So head over to iheartfaces.blogspot.com to cheek out more photos of cute little babies.


Ms.Kristi said...

Sleeping babies are enchanting. Wonderful photo. <3

beingzaraandzidan said...

love this shot. LOve ur blog & i am def following u! I hope u follow back

Amy said...

This such a precious photo of Mr. Mar Jr. I love the angle.

caite said...

oh, look at those eyelashes! so sweet.

The Mommy said...

Amazing!! You are a genius:)
BTW, I have an award waiting for your blog at my blog, come and garb it talented you!

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