September 29, 2010

Hi My blogger Frinds

So if anyone is wondering why I haven't been online for the last weeks much, is I have gotten ready to fly half way across the world to surprise my mum for her 50th birthday. We surprised her at my sisters in Dunedin, New Zealand about 4 days after we arrived here. First we were in Auckland at my dads, and since Sunday down here. We will be in New Zealand till the 21st till we fly home so probably not allot of post happening till then.

I hope to get some photos edited and on line, but I wont be linking up to anything, as time is just not on my side for that. Just too much other stuff to do. Sightseeing, we went to the cadbury chocolate factory today. That was soooo fun, love the quiz they do to win chocolates. Yesterday we were at moeraki boulders. Otherwise in Auckland we went to a petting zoo and to the Waiwera hot pools, and I got to try out my new under water camera there, also it was the first time Ms Mar decided to swim with out floaties.

Anyway onto blogging news.

A few of my photos were chosen the top photos for the August Photo Hunt Challenges


What surprised me the most was when I opened up The Trendy Treehouse today, and looked through the winning photos I saw that my cake photo got chosen as one of the Tara & Jamie's Favorites.

Miss reading all the blog post, It took me all day just to put all this together. Also don't forget to enter up in my 100 + 100 give away.

September 21, 2010

Trendy Tree House - Cakes

ShutterLoveTuesdays So this was the first time I made a Topsy turvy cake or whimsical. Also the first time I tryed to cover a cake with fondant, probably not the best idea to try that on a cake that isn't strait.

I made my self this cake for my birthday at the beginning of the month.

You can see the bad job I did on covering it from this side well. But the next cake should be better.

This blog hop is hosted by trendy treehouse, Join in with the blog hop below.

September 19, 2010

Color Splash Sunday - Shoes

We have had a bussy week this week. Just a quite note, since I do not have time and I spend alot of time crorrecting my spelling, and it still isn't all correct.

These were the first shoes of both kids,Mr Mar Jr got Nike and Ms Mar got Addidas. Now they hang in the car, one of each in the back and the other 2 in the front.

So head over to Amy's blog Artistically Amy for more color splash photos.

September 17, 2010

Marcro Friday & Simplicity Photography - Water

This week I will be linking this post up in 2 different places because it fits both the themes. Water over at Simplicity and Marco for Marco Friday.

It was raining out side last week, for a change, and we have vegies growing out on our balcony, yip I tried a balcony garden. And this water drop had caught on one of the Kohlrabi plants. I love taking photos of the water drops out side on the plants, Really I am trying to catch some reflection in them but haven't succeeded at it yet.

Here is my Marco Water shot.

For more Awesome water photos head over to Simplicty, and for more beautiful Marco shots head on over to Blogging From Bolivia.

September 16, 2010

Made a Blog Button

SO THIS is my blog button. Number 12 on my 26 befor 26 list.

I am sure my botton will change to fit the theme better at some point. So now if you want to add my blog it is easer.

Here is the code:

September 15, 2010

My Reading List

So If you have noticed there is a new tab up the top, 26 before 26, go there to cheek out what I am doing.

So my goal number 3 is to have a book or something to read at all times. The bottom one is what I am currently reading. This dose not mean I read daily, but the motivation is there to read more.
  1. 06.09.2010 ~ Camera Manual of my Canon d10, My birthday present to my self  {ENGLISH}
  2. 11.09.2010 ~ Das Gold Der Maori, by Sarah Lark  {GERMAN} (still reading and never finnished)
  3. 30.10.2010 ~ Das verlassene Boot am Strand,  by Scott O’Dell (english version Zia)
  4. 15.11.2010 ~ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, by J.K. Rowling
  6. there were 2 more books I can’t remember what they were called
  7. end.03.2011 ~ Inconceivable – Ben Alton
  8. end.03.2011 ~ Blind Faith – Ben Alton
  9. ??.04.2011 ~ Boys Don’t Cray – Malorie Blackman
  10. ??.04.2011 ~ The Peco Incident – Des Hunt
  11. ??.04.2011 ~ Chenxi and the foreigner – Sally Rippin
  12. ??.04.2011 ~ When the Black Gril Sings – Bil Wright
  13. ??.04.2011 ~ Under the Mountain – Maurice Gee
  14. 26.04.2011 ~ Zlata's Diary - Zlata Filipović

100th Post + 100 Comments = PRIZE

So this in my 100th post. Didn't even realize this would get her so fast. Well my goal is to get 100 comments on this post, then when I have reached the 100 comments, one random comment will be chosen for the prize, now you may ask what is this prize. How long will this take, I HAVE NO IDEA, probably long. But who knows, I may be lucky.  

AM DOING ITHER 100 COMMENTS OR WHEN I REACH MY 200th POST, I think 100 comments may be a bit far fetched.

Well it will be one of my custom made plates. I have done most for births, BUT of course you can choose a different event too, Wedding, adoption, maybe just a home sweet home plate, your door number on it, or maybe an anervisary date. You choice what you want.

Mars PicsMars PicsMars PicsMars PicsMars PicsMars PicsMars PicsMars PicsMars Pics
Mars PicsMars PicsMars PicsMars PicsMars PicsMars Pics

Or if you want one, but don't want to wait you can always buy one too. Just write me a e-mail with PLATES in the subject. And we can see what we can come up with together.

This is open to any one in the world. LOL, not like me living over here in Europa an able to participate in something like 90% of the give aways out there.

To enter, Just leave a comment saying what you would use your plate for, and PLEASE leave a e-mail for me to contact you on. Or I can not communicate with you that you have won.

Extra entries. Make a blog post about this give away and link that post up in a separate comment, remember your e-mail on this one too.

I am not going to give extra entries to peopel who follow, because I only want people following who are interrested in my blog.

I hope that this give away works. The dead line is when I have 100 comments on this post (that may just take FOREVER), that is when the draw will take place.

RAW(e) - Snacks

So Joining in once again ove a Sailor & Company for there RAW photos, otherwise knowen as Strait out of camara. This weeks theme is Snacks, and I just found the most yammy appels, best of all they are also grown here. The are sweet juicy and crunchy. MMMMMM, here is my appel. I did just notice I take SOOOOO many Marco shots. I love them.

Anyways head over to Sailor & Company to see more unedited pictures.

September 14, 2010

Scaenger Hunt Sunday #2

My weeks don't have sundays on sundays by the look of things. I don't if know if the linky is still open, but since I took the pictuers I thought I would still put up the post. My weeks are FLYING by, the weekend will be here befor I know it and who knows if I will get the pics up on time. I should make that one of my goals for my 26 befor 26

This weeks list:
  1. Landscape
  2. Powerline
  3. NewsPaper
  4. Pose
  5. Hobby
Landscape - This is the Donaustat, the vew from going over the Danup in the underground 6. Yes, the undergrounds in vienna go over ground part of the time, you get grate vues from it.

Powerline - I took this on the way home from the pools, not that we were at the pools, since they were renovating. I was wanitng to try and use my new underwater camara, But this photo was taken with it.

News Paper - Where dose a news paper end, always in the papper trash, if you don't have a fire place.

Pose - Ms Mar, this is what happens if you ask a 4 year old to POSE, some of the picturs I got while doing this were just soooo funny. There were a few tipical Pose pics.

Hobby - my hobby is making birth annoucment plates, or spishal occation plates. I make theas for friends who have kids. I am also wanting to start to try a few, more to come about that at some point.

Next Weeks List, or in my case this weeks list

  1. Wish/Dream
  2. Clean
  3. Currency
  4. Pair
  5. Square

      Head on over to Ashley Sisk to see what everyone else  found.

      September 12, 2010

      Color Splash Sunday - Reflections

      This weeks theme is reflections, I had all these ideas from trying to get the sky reflecting in a water drop to the kitchen reflecting in a bowl. All didn't turn out looking too grate. I am sure the kitchen in a bowl would look good, but it would need allot more time then I had to spend on that.  So While walking around be for a DR appointment I thought this was so cute. Mr Mar JR walking along side a window. I actually like the way it turned out.

      So head over to Amy's blog Artistically Amy for more color splash photos.

      September 11, 2010

      SOOC Weekend - 18 month old Mr Mar JR

      Slurping Life So, I am entering this photo over at SOOC Saterday and SOOC Sunday.

      Just for the fun of it I am putting in the first photo I took with my Canon Powershot D10. I am starting to get the hang of this camara. Tommorw we are off to the pools to try it out underwater. As well the bathtub isn't the best place to take underwater photos. They just are not quite that interresting.

      I took photos of Mr Mar Jr once a month with on the same place on the sofa with the same pillows. The last one I took was when he was one. Now at 18 months I thought I would do onther then next one will be at his second birthday. Its not the best SOOC pictuer. But my little boy is a cutie.

      So head over to Slurping Life for SOOC Saterday and over to murrieta 365 for SOOC sunday

      September 10, 2010

      Photo Roulette - 8(30)

      This is one of my favort memes to take part in. First it is easy, since you don't go looking for photos beforhand, you just get the photo on friday and post it. This week we got the numbers 8(30) meaning the 8th folder and 30 pictuer.

      I started off in my backed up folder then counted the 8th folder 2010 (only folders in there) then I took the 8th folder again August, and the 30th pictur.

      This photo is of Mr Mar JR, back in july he had fallen of the changing tabel in the 2 seconds Mr Mar Sr was getting a whipe. He pushed his tooth back into his jaw. This was one of the fasters ER exprinces I have ever had, we were in and out of the hosptial in about an hour and had gone to 2 deffernt ER's within that hosptal one. First the one for the kids and then the one for jaw and teeth. The tooth is now even ferther out, so it is growing agian, just even more slowly then teeth usualy grow. If it dosn't come out all the way it will still fall out normaly when he would loose it. This was deffently one of the most sceary moments ever.

      Head on over to Mischief and Laughs to see more random photos.

      September 9, 2010

      A Bow on a cake.

      So once in a while I make a cake, I'm not good yet, at least not at icing or putting Roll fondant on a cake.

      But this is a bow I made a few weeks ago. I saw how to make them on YouTube and a few other places put together more then one way to find the best way for me to make them.

      Here is my bow, on a chocolate cake with a nougat creme. My cream was soooo soft, I would of needed more nougat then creme in it, so it had to be keeped cold or it melted. But this cake was GOOD.

      Here you can see, I tryed to make the bows redder by using some cake dust, it was the first time I used it, I think you can tell...

      All in all I was happy with the shape of the bow, just not my red coloring on it.


      So 2 weekends ago I was at my grandparents with the kids. There Grate grandparents. Hoping to get back to some regular blogging in the next week.

      Mr Mar Jr is just trying to say Opa, looking at the pics from his Opa.

      Theas are my fathers parents. This photo was taken during the day but in the forest in cloudy weather. And yes that bike dose not have any peddles on it.

      I just thought I would post some of the photos I took there. I was trying to use my camera on Manuel, what is not that easy when using a point and shot camera. I am just lucky that I can have a fully manual mode. I was actually shooting in TV and AV mode allot of the time working out how to get good shots of the kids running and playing ball.

      I am actually surprised at how good some of theas pics look. Not that I can remember at what setting I took what ones. But I love how I got the kids in focus while running around and the back ground blurry. AT some point we were playing hill and Ms Mar against me, plus we were playing with 2 balls, now that was a work out.

      I had also taken there Austrian clothes with me, since The pants that Mr Mar Jr has on belonged to my little brother.
      I am going to get theas 3 printed for the family.

      So while there we always try and get out go for a walk, this is the cemarty from my Color splash Sunday post.

      Lighting candles for the grave

      They also have a really nice garden, the kids love picking stuff, esspaly the berries they have growing.

      This is from one of our walks.

      This is the vue I get from the bedroom I stay in.