September 14, 2010

Scaenger Hunt Sunday #2

My weeks don't have sundays on sundays by the look of things. I don't if know if the linky is still open, but since I took the pictuers I thought I would still put up the post. My weeks are FLYING by, the weekend will be here befor I know it and who knows if I will get the pics up on time. I should make that one of my goals for my 26 befor 26

This weeks list:
  1. Landscape
  2. Powerline
  3. NewsPaper
  4. Pose
  5. Hobby
Landscape - This is the Donaustat, the vew from going over the Danup in the underground 6. Yes, the undergrounds in vienna go over ground part of the time, you get grate vues from it.

Powerline - I took this on the way home from the pools, not that we were at the pools, since they were renovating. I was wanitng to try and use my new underwater camara, But this photo was taken with it.

News Paper - Where dose a news paper end, always in the papper trash, if you don't have a fire place.

Pose - Ms Mar, this is what happens if you ask a 4 year old to POSE, some of the picturs I got while doing this were just soooo funny. There were a few tipical Pose pics.

Hobby - my hobby is making birth annoucment plates, or spishal occation plates. I make theas for friends who have kids. I am also wanting to start to try a few, more to come about that at some point.

Next Weeks List, or in my case this weeks list

  1. Wish/Dream
  2. Clean
  3. Currency
  4. Pair
  5. Square

      Head on over to Ashley Sisk to see what everyone else  found.


      Ashley Sisk said...

      Great shots - I especially love your pose shot.

      Laura (Blogging from Bolivia) said...

      Great shots! I especially like the landscape one... lovely!

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