September 8, 2010

Trying Very hard

So it was my birthday last week, and I had one thing I wanted to get, and that was a DSLR, I have been looking around, and can't realy justafy spending that money on my self, its not that we don't have it in savings, but I would want dubbel to trippel the ammount that we have to feel ok with spending 1000 of it. I am hoping that by x-mass we will have saved more and with the money we get for x-mass feel better about buying somthing with that amount.

But I did still get my self somthing for my birthday, not a DSLR, but somthing that will still be ALOT of fun. I love the water so do the kids, so what is better then a underwater camara.

I can't wait till the battires are charged, dam 12 hours you should wait for them to be charged. I hope that theas batteries hold longer then in my Canon powershot A720is, as if I am realy taking lots of photos, I end up chaning the batties, like on vacy where I can take 200 photos a day...

We will be going to the pools on Sunday, and this camara is coming with us. I can not wait.

So far, I seem to like that Nikon D90, I think I will look a bit more into the Nikons, all I have ever had and used are canons, it seemed to sit ALOT nicer in my hand, the way I hold a camara my index finger falls strait onto the shuttter button, where as on the Canon it seems like I would get a real bad cramp in my hand after about 10 minuts. What deffently wouldn't be good. I had to tiwist my hand to get my index finger right, LOL, my fingers must just be too long.

I know I haven't been posting much in the last week, Life has kinda gotten bussy, can't say with what yet, TOP SECRET. I am just editing some 10 odd or so pics, that I will try and get up in the next day or so.

Also If you look at this post My photo got picked under the top 27, so go and vote for your favorit and if mine happens to be under it WHOOO.


Amy said...

Ah, Nikon D90, good choice! That's the one I want, too. Hopefully, by Christmas, you and I both will be able to get the cameras we want. :)

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