September 11, 2010

SOOC Weekend - 18 month old Mr Mar JR

Slurping Life So, I am entering this photo over at SOOC Saterday and SOOC Sunday.

Just for the fun of it I am putting in the first photo I took with my Canon Powershot D10. I am starting to get the hang of this camara. Tommorw we are off to the pools to try it out underwater. As well the bathtub isn't the best place to take underwater photos. They just are not quite that interresting.

I took photos of Mr Mar Jr once a month with on the same place on the sofa with the same pillows. The last one I took was when he was one. Now at 18 months I thought I would do onther then next one will be at his second birthday. Its not the best SOOC pictuer. But my little boy is a cutie.

So head over to Slurping Life for SOOC Saterday and over to murrieta 365 for SOOC sunday


Ashley Sisk said...

This is a great SOOC shot. Very cute.

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