January 27, 2011

From Good To WOW – Week 3 - What says “Good Night” to you?

So with the sleeping pic of Mr Mar Jr did my normal edit using the few tips from the last weeks. Ashley and Jill both suggested I try for a dreamy look. That was hard, I actually like my “dreamy” edit better but I don’t know how dreamy it really is. What one do you like better?

Week 9 of Project 365

I have the feeling that this week I took on a whole new angel, I really like the photos I took this week. I had such a grate time. To top it off I got a tripod and am now looking for a shutter relse cord or remote, I just don’t know what I want. I can see uses for both. I think a cord would have a faster reaction then the remote, but a remote would let me have more freedom of where to go as I am not limited by the cord. Both would be cool, but there is the cost factor, one now anther later. But what one to get.

I took some photos of some water drops again with the tripod and it was sooo much easer. Can’t wait to try it again and during day light.

DAY 57
So my little girl was sick last week, so this week we had a control cheek up at the DR. This was on the way back from the DR as you can tell she was back to her normal self.
Day 57
DAY 58
A shot I took while little Mr Mar Jr was having fun in the enlarged living room.
Day 58

DAY 59
Mr Mar Jr sleeping and cuddling his favourite toys, CARS. Car was his first word, he had a English word as his first word, where Ms Mar’s first word was German..
Sleeping Boy

DAY 60
Ms Mar Dancing for me, she just LOVES her ballet. Oh, and I have NO idea why she keeps steking her toung out.
Day 60

DAY 61
So I Finlay got around to fixing the popup books. I used a texture again on this one and also tyred to blend the floor into the background.
Day 61

DAY 62
So I got a try pod and tried water drops again, this time they turned out 100x better. The funny shadow you can see on the back ground is the straw I was using to drop the water into the water. I filled a glass write up to the brim and dropped it into there. I think this is the 3rd or 4th picture I took.
Day 62

DAY 63
I let the kids jump off the sofa today onto the bean bag, they had such a blast. The Mr Mar Jr can’t jump yet he just leaps off. Way to cute to watch. Ms Mar loved showing me how high and how far she can jump, I got allot of good shots from her.
Day 63

January 26, 2011

Simplicity – Something Different

The other day when Ms Mar and I were going home in the underground (yip our UNDERGROUND runs above the ground in allot of parts. Somebody had done some “art” work on the window. So my something different is a photo of a flower on a window.


This blog hope is run by Simplicity.

January 25, 2011

Touch Up Tuesday & Shutter Love Tuesday – Overlays

Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama
ShutterLoveTuesdaysI took this photo this week and just love the edit I did on it. I usually never use textures, but with this one, it fitted. Basically I only like textures on pictures with a plain background, it just  makes the background a bit easer. This week we got new living room cupboard, from Ikea where els. But before we got them we took ALL the other cupboards out, and Mr Mar Jr loved that extra space, So this is when I took this photo, him in joying standing in the seemingly bigger living room.

January 24, 2011

From Good to WOW–Week 3 - What says “Good Night” to you?

Good night, good night is relative for me. A good night start with both kids going to bed EASLY.. Looks like sleeping is the thing right now. I just love it when my kids sleep, with the busy week we had it is even nicer. I just love looking at them, the last thing I do each night before I go to bed is have a look at them and just take in there peaceful looks (as long as I am not putting a flash in there faces). Just if they would always fall asleep so nicely and stay in there beds all night. Ms Mar sleeps through most or allot of the time. Mr Mar sleeps till about 5 in the morning, the other day he even sleeped till 630. He dose go back to sleep and dose not get up till around 7. So I don’t mind.
Well scroll down and have a look at my the SOOC picture of my little sleeping dude.

I ♥ Faces - Innocent Wonder

Innocent Wonder, At first I wasn’t sure what to use, Innocent Wonder is hard to capture. But what is more of a wonder then a small child. And children look even more innocent when they are fast asleep. Though I took this photo for my previous post Colour Splash Sunday I think it fits the theme Innocent Wounder Perfect. So here is the Colour version of this photo.

I just love how he is squinting from the flash and looks allot younger then he is, he turns 2 on the first of March.

January 23, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I have to say I had lots of fun this week with Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I have been trying for the longest to get back in to doing more post but just haven’t work out how to get it all done. Most of the time I spend my time steering into the computer screen not knowing how to get my post done. I have started using Windows live writer, I find it ALOT easer to put a post together. Also I have created templates for each of my post, this way all I need to do is add the photos and text, as the links are already added and the main formatting is done for each post. I just copy that into the source part of the windows live editor and then add in my other information(text and Photos). Also I have a word document with all the upcoming contest when I have made the post and sent it to blogger with a date for an automatic post. Hoping to get a head. I am writing most of this post middle of the week and already have a post ready to post itself. Now just to get ahead a week or two I would be so glad.

I got most of the photos done this week, ones I could take inside. I used 2 from my older photos. I had the most fun with the SILVER photo.

This weeks list:
  1. Memories
  2. Reflection
  3. Silhouette
  4. Doorway(s)
  5. Silver

Colour Splash Sunday – Sleepy Boy

Last night when I went up to cheek on my l sleeping boy, who fall asleep all by him self with out me putting him back to bed 1000 times. I guess it is easer for him to go to sleep if he doesn't have his nap. When I got up there I found the most cutest thing. He had his fire engine, probably his most favourite Christmas present. It makes noise and he can push it around. We haven’t showed him the fact that it can splash water, that can wait till summer and he is out side. I can’t give it to him in the bath ether because it has batteries and it would brake if it got wet. Smart design, wounder who had that idea.

So this is my weeks picture for Amy’s colour splash Sunday

January 22, 2011

The Paper Mama – FRIENDS

The Paper MamaRight now I think my 2 kids are each others best friends and worst enemies. They can play nicely for hours, or they can sit there and bite scratch hit or what ever ales. I took this photo last week when we were at my Aunt's birthday lunch. We took the kids to the playground just by my grandmothers (my aunt and Oma live next door to one other) This is the same playground that my mother played on as a child, though it has just been totally renewed. I don’t very often snap a shot of both the kids smiling and looking into a camera. LOL, no Photoshop transplanting on this one. There real smiles and looks.

So friends right now…

January 21, 2011

Week 8 of Project 365

This week seems like it has gone so slow, one way maybe the reason I have gotten more post done this week then I have gotten done in the past weeks. Ms Mar was back at kindy this week except for Thursday when we went for a re-check up for a bit of blood work to make sure everything is back to normal,  not that it surprised me that it was, since she was on antibiotics. I think she would of been back to normal with out them.
I am also trying to put together a list of 365 deferent photography techniques (are there that many), so if you have some more to add please comment or send me a e-mail, you can see the list that i have so far on the 365 tab up the top.

Macro Friday – A bug

We had one VERY warm day this week so I got all our planter ready for when it gets warm and stays warm. Well while filling the boxes up again and moving the dirt around I found this little bugger, no idea what it is, I would nearly guess a Cicada but I doubt one would lay its lava in there. I took a few photos then covered it with dirt again. I just can’t kill little things, unless of course they are mossies or other little blood suckers. Don’t like mossies, one down 20 billion to go is what I often say.

So I found this little one to be kind of cute in a buggy cute way. Well after I took 4-5 pictures it started to make its way back into the dirt, so I covered it, this way it will be safe from the sun and anybody wanting to through it down from our balcony, We live in the 4th and 5ed floor, so it is a VERY long drop.

So here is my little Marco bug shot.

January 20, 2011

Good to WOW – Week 2 – Moring

Week 2 of shoot and edit is here. This week I have only added one copy, As One of the first things I noticed was to use layer mask, what this weeks lesson was about. I love my layer mask, they make it so much easer. Even more if you make a mistake. Since each edit of the picture is done on its own layer. And removing some of the effect is done easily too or just adjusting how much of the effect is shown when. I used the same steeps from last week, including adding in a layer
So here is my before and after…

January 17, 2011

From Good to WOW – Week 2– What's good Moring to you?

What is the Moring like in the Mar’s house hold. usually getting kids dressed, breakfast on the table, the first thing I do when I go down stairs is turn the coffee mashain on, then cut the bread and make the kids something to eat, then I push the button so the coffee comes down. I didn’t want to do coffee since I think ALOT of people are going to do coffee, but it doesn't seem like that yet.
Of course I did not take this photo in the morning but in the evening AFTER putting the kids to bed. I had to use the flash but it was still too strong when I took it all the way down to –3 so I put it up a bit and covered it with some kitchen roll, where I took the layers apart only to have one layer. Makes taking a photo ALOT harder but I think it worked pretty well to defuse the flash a bit. I ether need a better lens or a flash… Our place is just soooo dark.

The Paper Mama–A different View

The Paper Mama My little boy has always been a climber, he is always up on everything. He pushes chairs through the room to get up on benches or to get something to eat. He climbs up on fences just on anything he can get upon. Its fun to watch him work out how to get up on stuff but scary at the same time. 

So my different view this week is of me climbing up first then taking a photo of him climbing up.

I ♥ Face’s – Winter wonderland

This weeks theme over at I Faces is, Winter wonder land. Though winter is nearly over here, well the last few days it has been feeling like that anyways, I am kind of missing the snow covered grounds. I don’t clear for the cold, but I just LOVE the snow. Though the photo I have chosen you can’t see a face but it still has somebody in it. Don’t know if it qualifies or not. But it is one of my most favourite pictures that I took this winter. I have sheared it before over the The Paper Mama Now I am shearing it again over at I Faces. This is Mr Mar Jr looking out the window at my grandparents place in Gloggnitz.

January 15, 2011

Week 07 of Project 365

This week everything has started again, we were back at kindy, work (not me) and sports actives (sadly enough not me either). Both kids have been sick, Mr Mar Jr broke out in hives he has never had that before nor did Ms Mar so I was worried. Ms Mar had a fever over 39°C, luckily it all only lasted a few days and it was all over. They are both back to there normal self. Though Ms Mar missed out on a birthday party, she wasn’t sick anymore so I took her but she wasn’t quite her self yet and just wanted to go home again. We picked her up after about 30 mins. She did make a cute candle holder there.
I did miss a day, this time, BUT I have also gotten to day 50. Probably for once something I have stuck with, I am always so fast at giving up.

January 13, 2011

From Good To WOW – Edits

So Now come the edits, after you saw my SOOC I have added 2 deferent edits, one just my normal edit and one using Ashley’s tips.  I like the Second edit (the one with Ashley’s tips) better. The snow is whiter and the sky is blur and not so green.
What I will do with fueter edits is adjust the middles tones with the layers, I only ever adjust the side ones and never the middle one. Also with colour balance adjust shadow mid-tones and highlights. I have only ever done the mid-tones. This time doing those few things REALY made a deference.

January 11, 2011

From Good to WOW – A new photo Challenge

So I have found a new photo challenge to take part in. Not that I have been too good at taking part in any lately. I think with this one I can really learn allot about editing photos. I have learnt quite a bit but am far off from what I would really like to achieve. This photo challenge is hosted by 2 people, Forever n Ever n Always Photography where each money you can post a SOOC photo then Ashley from Ramblings and Photos will show an edit and you can use her directions to edit your picture then add it to the linky on her page.

January 10, 2011

Week 06 Of project 365

So this week was other busy week with new year and Mr Mar Sr got a week of so we ended up at my grandparents house for a few days then we went skiing. During this time Ms Mar luring to ice skate and had a go at skiing, though she was just sooooo tired after 4 days of ice-skating an hour a day. So she was just sooo tired and skiing was just not quite her thing, though she did have fun going down the hill with others.

January 2, 2011

Memories, Dreams and Reflections @ Ramblings and Photos –Link Up

So I signed up for Memories, Dreams, and Reflections over at Ramblings and Photos. I Love Ashley's blog the way she write's and her eye for photography. I wish I found more time in my weeks to take part in scavenger hunt Sunday. I Love having new ideas to take photos for. But I have taken to looking through the past years photos and finding the things to fit to her Memories, Dreams, and Reflections.

This year has gone by fast. My mother was in Austria and left at the start of the year back to NZ, We went over to NZ to surprise my mother for her birthday. My little boy turned one and my big girl turned 4, I had my 25th birthday.

What was one of the best things that happened this year would nearly have to be that I finally bought myself a DSLR. I have been wanting one for ages, but just never wanted to spend the money on it. Well to the photos I am shearing for this year…

Color Splash Sunday - Hosted by me

So this week Amy is on Vacation and I am taking over Color Splash sunday. I hope Alot join in.