January 10, 2011

Week 06 Of project 365

So this week was other busy week with new year and Mr Mar Sr got a week of so we ended up at my grandparents house for a few days then we went skiing. During this time Ms Mar luring to ice skate and had a go at skiing, though she was just sooooo tired after 4 days of ice-skating an hour a day. So she was just sooo tired and skiing was just not quite her thing, though she did have fun going down the hill with others.
DAY 36
Ms Mar showing of her posing.
Day 36
DAY 37
Sun set over Gloggnitz at my grandparents place
Day 37
DAY 38
The smoke of the fireworks on new years, just a few mins after the year changed over.
Day 38
DAY 39
Well, like I don’t have enough hobbies, this is my newest one.
Day 39
DAY 40
My kiddies doing there thing.
Day 40
DAY 41
Mr Mar Jr playing around on the floor with his favorite toys at his great-grandparents.
Day 41
DAY 42
Ms Mar ready to hit the snow.
Day 42