January 11, 2011

From Good to WOW – A new photo Challenge

So I have found a new photo challenge to take part in. Not that I have been too good at taking part in any lately. I think with this one I can really learn allot about editing photos. I have learnt quite a bit but am far off from what I would really like to achieve. This photo challenge is hosted by 2 people, Forever n Ever n Always Photography where each money you can post a SOOC photo then Ashley from Ramblings and Photos will show an edit and you can use her directions to edit your picture then add it to the linky on her page.

This weeks theme is Winter, this is my SOOC I am going to use, I took this while everyone was coming down to watch Ms Mar do her fist and only skiing class.


To see other SOOC pictures head on over to Forever n Ever n Always Photography