January 13, 2011

From Good To WOW – Edits

So Now come the edits, after you saw my SOOC I have added 2 deferent edits, one just my normal edit and one using Ashley’s tips.  I like the Second edit (the one with Ashley’s tips) better. The snow is whiter and the sky is blur and not so green.
What I will do with fueter edits is adjust the middles tones with the layers, I only ever adjust the side ones and never the middle one. Also with colour balance adjust shadow mid-tones and highlights. I have only ever done the mid-tones. This time doing those few things REALY made a deference.
MY EDIT BEFOR Using Ashley’s Tips
My Edit Winter Edit using Ashleys tips
  1. Take Car out using the clone stamp
  2. Adjust Levels
  3. Adjust Curves
  4. Adjust Brightness/Contrast
  5. Adjust Colours
  6. Save Hi Res for me
  7. Resize Water Mark
  8. Save
  9. Upload to web


  1. Remove car
  2. Costume white balance with eye dropper
  3. Brush tool on 56% and went over sky to get it blue again
  4. Decrease brightness
  5. Increase contrast
  6. Increase saturation.
  7. Copy layer, High pass set to overly
  8. Adjust levels
  9. Adjust colour balance, highlights, mid-tones and shadows (usually I only do mid-tones)
  10. New layer, filled with a crème colour, set occupancy to 10% make a mask layer and brushed out the people
  11. Save hi Res for me
  12. Resize and WM
  13. Save

To see the edits head on over to Ashley Sisk’s blog Ramblings and Photos.