January 23, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I have to say I had lots of fun this week with Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I have been trying for the longest to get back in to doing more post but just haven’t work out how to get it all done. Most of the time I spend my time steering into the computer screen not knowing how to get my post done. I have started using Windows live writer, I find it ALOT easer to put a post together. Also I have created templates for each of my post, this way all I need to do is add the photos and text, as the links are already added and the main formatting is done for each post. I just copy that into the source part of the windows live editor and then add in my other information(text and Photos). Also I have a word document with all the upcoming contest when I have made the post and sent it to blogger with a date for an automatic post. Hoping to get a head. I am writing most of this post middle of the week and already have a post ready to post itself. Now just to get ahead a week or two I would be so glad.

I got most of the photos done this week, ones I could take inside. I used 2 from my older photos. I had the most fun with the SILVER photo.

This weeks list:
  1. Memories
  2. Reflection
  3. Silhouette
  4. Doorway(s)
  5. Silver

Memories This is our memories wall, I haven’t finished it yet, but going up the stairs I am putting up photos of the kids getting older, theas ones are from when Ms Mar was a little baby, I really have to finish this. This one was REALY hard to edit, as the white balance was WAY off and the walls are yellow or a very light yellow colour.
Reflection When we were out eating at my Aunts birthday last weekend I loved how the serviettes reflected on the plates.
Silhouette This photo wasn’t taken Austria but at the bluff on the south island in New Zealand. Its my sister and brother doing some posing on a chain they have there. I suck at remember WHY its there, it was just fun to play around on.
Doorway(s) OK, I’ll be honest and I didn’t take this photo THIS week, not even THIS year, I had just found out I was pregnant with Mr Mar Jr. It was taken in July 2008, when we were in Prag Bratislava, This is up at the castel, don’t ask what it is called as I just never remember. But it fits to doorway(s) there is more then ONE door, but the funny thing is where do they go. This is taken from the bottom.  Guess it is the doors for the unwanted guest…Doors
Silver I had so much fun taking this photo. I think the end effect looks likes an explosion. I was dropping silver sugar pearls the ones you use to decorate cakes and so on with onto a try, this was the first photo I took after I opened the package up MORE before I had a tiny hole in it then I made a HUGE one and it all just fall out too fast, as all I wanted to get was more of a bouncing of the balls, couldn’t get that looking right in the end.
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