January 21, 2011

Macro Friday – A bug

We had one VERY warm day this week so I got all our planter ready for when it gets warm and stays warm. Well while filling the boxes up again and moving the dirt around I found this little bugger, no idea what it is, I would nearly guess a Cicada but I doubt one would lay its lava in there. I took a few photos then covered it with dirt again. I just can’t kill little things, unless of course they are mossies or other little blood suckers. Don’t like mossies, one down 20 billion to go is what I often say.

So I found this little one to be kind of cute in a buggy cute way. Well after I took 4-5 pictures it started to make its way back into the dirt, so I covered it, this way it will be safe from the sun and anybody wanting to through it down from our balcony, We live in the 4th and 5ed floor, so it is a VERY long drop.

So here is my little Marco bug shot.


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