January 15, 2011

Week 07 of Project 365

This week everything has started again, we were back at kindy, work (not me) and sports actives (sadly enough not me either). Both kids have been sick, Mr Mar Jr broke out in hives he has never had that before nor did Ms Mar so I was worried. Ms Mar had a fever over 39°C, luckily it all only lasted a few days and it was all over. They are both back to there normal self. Though Ms Mar missed out on a birthday party, she wasn’t sick anymore so I took her but she wasn’t quite her self yet and just wanted to go home again. We picked her up after about 30 mins. She did make a cute candle holder there.
I did miss a day, this time, BUT I have also gotten to day 50. Probably for once something I have stuck with, I am always so fast at giving up.
 DAY 43
Today we went back to my grandparents to meet up with the rest of my dads side. We went iceskating once again. This is my youngust cousen.

Day 43

DAY 44
Mr Mar Jr asleep in his cool traveling cot from Phil and Teds. Oh yip I love my Phil and Teds kids stuff, through I get it all second hand online since I can’t afford it new. But still I love there stuff. Wish I could afford the new things.
Day 44

DAY 45
This was the sun setting on the last day of our short skiing holiday.
Day 45

DAY 46
Missed this day, as we were unpacking and what not so I just didn’t pick up my camera.Only had a few on my other camera but those are not worth showing at all..

DAY 47
I had so much fun taking this photo. I was BLOWING .
Day 47

DAY 48
This was my go at taking photos of drips, One thing, our apartment is too dark, there for my ISO was HIGH at 2500, I think I should of turned the flash on on my camera, didn’t even try that. Also I need a tripod, since trying to take the photos in Manuel focusing mode and hand holding it just never really got the focus in the right part. I did take over 400 photos, and only had 3-5 that were in focus and in the picture. Most were ether a cool shot and totally out of focus, or it was in focus and just a little bit of a ripple. Differently something I need to try during the day time. What I like about this one is how the drop is in focus but where it hits the water its out of focus.
Day 48

DAY 49
One of my favourite parts of our Kitchen, all my herb jars. I use quite a bit of different herbs and spices, I don’t use allot of finished mixtures. These cute jars we bought at Ikea for just under €1 each. We have bigger jars from a different place that look the same (weirdly enough Ikea doesn't have them) where we keep rice, muesli, beans and co.
Day 48