May 31, 2010

Color Splash Sunday - Flags

PhotobucketThis week is flags, Since I wish I was living at home, beaches, sun warm (ok when its summer, through winters arn't cold) I just HAD HAD HAD to take a photo of New Zealand, but where would I find a flag from NZ, its not that easy to copy, LOL, uninen jack and 4 stars. But since it is the world cup, it made it ALOT easer, a bear over here dose this thing where you coloect bottel caps, since for some reson New Zealand is part of it this time around, yeh this is an amzing thing for New Zealand, So Here is the New Zealand flag on some bottels. OH and this was by far one of the hardest photos to idet, since the light coming from the back took all the color out from the bottel tops. But I did it.

My Second photo, from where I am living now is made out of duplo. Me and Miss Mar always play an hour befor it is her bed time, and latly she is write into her duplo, while bulding a prinzes castil, I had the idea to make the Austiran flag. LOL, now that is no problem, red white red. So here is my Flag from Austra with Miss Mar.
Love how many peple are joing in now WHOOOOO.

May 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday #7

We have gient bubler blower thing and this is a bubble I was abel to get a photo of befor it poped.

For more wordless or as in some casses not so wordless photos head over to and to

May 24, 2010

I ♥ Faces - Yellow

This week Over at is a nice happy color, YELLOW.Just right for spring time. And I guess we were lucky today for no rain, it has been raing every day for the last 2 weeks, I went out and took our bubbels with us and the HUGE YELLOW bublel blower thing. It wasn't easy to take photos of the kids while making HUGE bubbles, and the Miss Mar just couldn't work out how to make it work. Plus she must of gone to bed too late at her gandperants cos she was in such a grumpy mood, and eneded up taking an hour nap at 4pm, She dosn't nap anymore, not since like 1.5 years. She did through still fall asleep at her normal time.

OK, not that much of that has to do with but in the end this is the photo I took and throught it looks so cool, Mr Mar JR looking at a leaft taken through the bubbel being blowen. I realy doupt I will ever be abel to take a photo like that again. His face is totaly in foucas, but you can so see the rainbow coloers of the bubbel.

Well, enough BALH BLAH BLAH, this blog is about PHOTOs. Here is my Entry for this weeks I   Faces

May 17, 2010

I ♥ Faces - Faces & Flowers

This we over at we have flowers, what a better theme could there be for spring time. The guest this week is Peta Mazey, well Kea Ora to a fallow kiwi, hope you have a GRATE time looking through the best entries.

I just wish spring would get the message that it is still spring, or at least that summer got the mail, we want summer, and not storm warnings with flooding and 6-9°C. But we did have nice weather at Miss Mar's birthday, so I took her over to the naighbours place they have a field fulled of dandilines. We had so much fun taking theas photos together. This is the one I chose of my little cutie.

Color Splash Sunday - Spring

PhotobucketWe are Coloer splashing our photos again, and we have onther theam that isn't about one coloer, and it is srping, now the weather has been anything but srping like here, more like autum, we have been having around 5-9°C so not eny of may wather, it was snowing down to 900m. So I could do anything like put Miss Mar in some spingy clothes and take pics of her. BUT, since I was at my grandparents over the weekend (hance the reson I am posting this on monday and not on sunday) My granddad gave me some plants, littice and coliflower for my container garden, first year trying to do this. So I'll see how many plants servive in the long run. I had to plant theas plants this moring to make sure they don't die befor they even hit the soil.

This is what I enend up with.

May 11, 2010

I ♥ Faces - Celebrating MUM

This week at is celebrating mum. Well, I think we can all guess why, It was Mothers day on Sunday. This week there are 2 judges Ewan & Brianna Phelan of Last Forty Percent Photography I don't have anyphotos I would conseder GRATE but I just LOVE this one that I took when Playing with my kids. What is better then a mum getting hugs from there kids, there is no better way to celebrat mum other then a hug from kids.

So Here is me and my kiddies.

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May 9, 2010

Color Splash Sunday - Colorfull Food

PhotobucketI love love love food. But colorfull food, is a littel harder, as I accualy don't use too much food coloring. So for this chalange i was thinking whta could I make, one thing I was thinking of was Marbil cake. Now that is just a spong with lots of coloers, it would look cool on a photo, but coloer splashed not so good. I didn't even realy think to use what I used even though I have had this plan for a while.

My ladies, that I made for all the mummies of Mr Mars side. I made 8 of them all together. This photo I took of Miss Mar holding it.

Its made out of a kinder suprise egg, mazipan, roll fondont and the Easter Bonets found at

May 5, 2010

Wordless Wednesday #6

Onther WW week, cheek out more pics and

A Macro shot, Who knows what it is?

May 4, 2010

I ♥ Faces - Now and Then

This week is no judge week again, like the first week of every month Angie & Amy take a brake from going through all the pics and we have fun taking photos, this weeks theme was inspired by young-me-now-me website. Cheek out for more interesting entries. Here is mine. OK, not easy to take a photo of my self with out a tripod, definitely something I need again, I used to have a mini tripod what I LOVED, it was on my camera and came everywhere. But it despaired with that camera and anther memory card. Still wishing I had that camara.

Anyways here goes Young me at 5 months, me at 296 months.

What some boxers and a top can do, stuff them with a few spit clothes and you are done...

Just a PS, I would of LOVED to redo this one with my sister, but kinda not possible in a land locked country and my sister being half way around the world.

May 3, 2010

Color Splash Sunday - Flowers

PhotobucketThis week at Color splash Sunday we are doing something a bit different, we are focusing on flowers. Miss Mar had her family birthday party this weekend, and one of her presents were wrapped in daisy wrapping paper, and instead of using a real flower I took this one.  She had so much fun at all her 3 birthday parties, One at kindy one at Oma's and anther one at Omas, like she tells everyone. The first one at Oma's was the kids birthday party cos they have a nice garden so it was the best place to do her party.

Any ways here is my photo...

Finally got to editing it, though its Monday night...