May 31, 2010

Color Splash Sunday - Flags

PhotobucketThis week is flags, Since I wish I was living at home, beaches, sun warm (ok when its summer, through winters arn't cold) I just HAD HAD HAD to take a photo of New Zealand, but where would I find a flag from NZ, its not that easy to copy, LOL, uninen jack and 4 stars. But since it is the world cup, it made it ALOT easer, a bear over here dose this thing where you coloect bottel caps, since for some reson New Zealand is part of it this time around, yeh this is an amzing thing for New Zealand, So Here is the New Zealand flag on some bottels. OH and this was by far one of the hardest photos to idet, since the light coming from the back took all the color out from the bottel tops. But I did it.

My Second photo, from where I am living now is made out of duplo. Me and Miss Mar always play an hour befor it is her bed time, and latly she is write into her duplo, while bulding a prinzes castil, I had the idea to make the Austiran flag. LOL, now that is no problem, red white red. So here is my Flag from Austra with Miss Mar.
Love how many peple are joing in now WHOOOOO.


Amy said...

These are great, Marlis! They are so creative, which is exactly what I wanted. I can't even decide which one I like better, but I am really drawn to the building blocks.

You had asked if I knew where my relatives in Austria were from. Unfortunately, I don't have any idea! :/

And I am ALSO really excited about the fact that 6 people have linked in so far. So excited, that I am going to do something new with CSS. Stay tuned for a surprise!!

Sam said...

Wow Marlis this is a great idea about a flag! Loved it at the first sight! Great editing on the bottle cap!
Your model babies are very cute!

Mrs. Claus said...

Love the bottle photo the best!