May 17, 2010

Color Splash Sunday - Spring

PhotobucketWe are Coloer splashing our photos again, and we have onther theam that isn't about one coloer, and it is srping, now the weather has been anything but srping like here, more like autum, we have been having around 5-9°C so not eny of may wather, it was snowing down to 900m. So I could do anything like put Miss Mar in some spingy clothes and take pics of her. BUT, since I was at my grandparents over the weekend (hance the reson I am posting this on monday and not on sunday) My granddad gave me some plants, littice and coliflower for my container garden, first year trying to do this. So I'll see how many plants servive in the long run. I had to plant theas plants this moring to make sure they don't die befor they even hit the soil.

This is what I enend up with.


Amy said...

Thanks for linking up, Marlis! I'm sorry this theme was a little more difficult for you, but you handled it well. I love that the color splash edit brings the one plant into focus. Great job!

The Mommy said...

Great capture. I love gardening during spring:)

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