April 23, 2012

Trigger Happy

Now, this is not like me at all to be writing something like this, BUT I found a app in development for a thing called trigger happy. Now you see I love time laps photography. I started doing some in New Zealand. Haven’t had the chance here. I usually do start trails. I spent a long time looking for a intvalomeater. Now there is a app coming out for the iPhone and I think they are supporting android too.

Now I do not even own a smart phone (yet) But I know I would so look into getting this app. Right now if you pledge 50$ and they are done with developing it you will get it sent to you. It will be on the market for 69.90 so you would save a bit more. Now if you are into time laps this may be something to look into.

I can see myself spending that money to getting one of these, as it is allot easer to use then a intervalometer I have.

I have a canon DSLR, and they do not make intervalometers for there xxxD or there xxD serries. They only have a shutter reales cord or remote. So if you are wanting a intervalometer for a canon you need to get a 3rd party device. If this was around a year ago and I owned a smartphone this probably would of been my choice.

To have a look at there idea go here or there facebook page or google+

April 20, 2012

Fix it Friday

  Photo Challenge Submission

Its been ages since I have taken part in a fix it Friday. Actually I nearly take part each week, but I never save the photo, I just edit it then delete it. today I decided to save it and post it. What do you think? I wish I could get my photos looking like this SOOC, but I think I am a long way away from that. 




Here is my edit.

  • First I cropped the image (I know my sooc is cropped too)
  • ran the MPC mini fusion action
  • Increased the darken layer
  • Activated on cloud nine
  • Removed warm tint and hazy
  • Flatten
  • Ran coffee shop powder room 2
  • Adjusted the layers to my liking
  • saved for web

Fix it friday from I heart faces

To get this image head on over to Iheartfaces.com

April 18, 2012


I had originally written this post for I took the pintrest challenge, but then while waiting for the post to come on Friday I noticed it was gone. So there for it is now with Create and shear, the first project is me and Ms Mar dying Easter eggs.The second one what I wanted to show for the Pinterest challenge.

So we had a grate Easter. We were at my grandparents, just the weather wasn’t playing with us. It was snowing and windy and cold. So we were inside most of the time. But mostly we had fun.

Ms Mar and I coloured Easter eggs. Ms Mar did a grate job. We used thread that we put in dye or we used leaves to get the impressions on the eggs. After we put the thread or the leaves on the egg up wrapped it in a stocking and then dipped it into the colours.

She made the blue eggs I did the others.



I made some Easter eggs out of a method I found on pintrest. Though I changed it a bit.

My first mition was to get 2 small lindt Easter bunnies 6 lindt Easter eggs and a little chick I made into a VERY small balloon. I was considering getting bigger balloons but in the end I did it.



After that I wrapped the eggs with the yarn, I just used normal yarn, not embroding yarn. Then hang them up to dry. Since the weather wasn’t good so it took nearly a day to dry.

After I popped the balloons I threaded a ribbon through the balloons and they looked cute. The grandparents all loved them.

I hope you all had a grate Easter too.