April 23, 2012

Trigger Happy

Now, this is not like me at all to be writing something like this, BUT I found a app in development for a thing called trigger happy. Now you see I love time laps photography. I started doing some in New Zealand. Haven’t had the chance here. I usually do start trails. I spent a long time looking for a intvalomeater. Now there is a app coming out for the iPhone and I think they are supporting android too.

Now I do not even own a smart phone (yet) But I know I would so look into getting this app. Right now if you pledge 50$ and they are done with developing it you will get it sent to you. It will be on the market for 69.90 so you would save a bit more. Now if you are into time laps this may be something to look into.

I can see myself spending that money to getting one of these, as it is allot easer to use then a intervalometer I have.

I have a canon DSLR, and they do not make intervalometers for there xxxD or there xxD serries. They only have a shutter reales cord or remote. So if you are wanting a intervalometer for a canon you need to get a 3rd party device. If this was around a year ago and I owned a smartphone this probably would of been my choice.

To have a look at there idea go here or there facebook page or google+