April 18, 2012


I had originally written this post for I took the pintrest challenge, but then while waiting for the post to come on Friday I noticed it was gone. So there for it is now with Create and shear, the first project is me and Ms Mar dying Easter eggs.The second one what I wanted to show for the Pinterest challenge.

So we had a grate Easter. We were at my grandparents, just the weather wasn’t playing with us. It was snowing and windy and cold. So we were inside most of the time. But mostly we had fun.

Ms Mar and I coloured Easter eggs. Ms Mar did a grate job. We used thread that we put in dye or we used leaves to get the impressions on the eggs. After we put the thread or the leaves on the egg up wrapped it in a stocking and then dipped it into the colours.

She made the blue eggs I did the others.



I made some Easter eggs out of a method I found on pintrest. Though I changed it a bit.

My first mition was to get 2 small lindt Easter bunnies 6 lindt Easter eggs and a little chick I made into a VERY small balloon. I was considering getting bigger balloons but in the end I did it.



After that I wrapped the eggs with the yarn, I just used normal yarn, not embroding yarn. Then hang them up to dry. Since the weather wasn’t good so it took nearly a day to dry.

After I popped the balloons I threaded a ribbon through the balloons and they looked cute. The grandparents all loved them.

I hope you all had a grate Easter too.