April 20, 2012

Fix it Friday

  Photo Challenge Submission

Its been ages since I have taken part in a fix it Friday. Actually I nearly take part each week, but I never save the photo, I just edit it then delete it. today I decided to save it and post it. What do you think? I wish I could get my photos looking like this SOOC, but I think I am a long way away from that. 




Here is my edit.

  • First I cropped the image (I know my sooc is cropped too)
  • ran the MPC mini fusion action
  • Increased the darken layer
  • Activated on cloud nine
  • Removed warm tint and hazy
  • Flatten
  • Ran coffee shop powder room 2
  • Adjusted the layers to my liking
  • saved for web

Fix it friday from I heart faces

To get this image head on over to Iheartfaces.com