November 22, 2011

Week 38 of Project 365

DAY 260
Eurly moring fog rising over the hills.
Day 260

DAY 261
Discovering the effects of flash, making the wall at the back visible and the light not over exposed.
Day 261

DAY 262
A book with too many words.
Day 262

DAY 263
The raised garden beds nearly done.
Day 263

DAY 264
A daffodil my little girl just could help but pick.
Day 264

DAY 265
A pamarama of our front lawn.
Day 265

DAY 266
And all that I can see is just anther yellow lemon tree.

Day 266

Week 37 of Project 365

DAY 253
Mr Mar Jr as I get home from work, sick and asleep on the sofa.
Day 253

DAY 254
Late afternoon rainbow, while we shovel gravel of a track.
Day 254

DAY 255
Watching the sun rays between the clouds.
Day 255

DAY 256
House with the stars during the night.
Day 256

DAY 257
A flour little Ms Mar picked for me.
Day 257

DAY 258
The river flowing along the valley.
Day 258

DAY 259
Mr Mar Jr eating a layered Oreo cheese cake in a gals.

Day 259

Week 36 of Project 365

DAY 246
2 20min star trails layered over each other.
Day 246

DAY 247

DAY 248
Mrs Mar standing by a pile of stones that the road workers made.
Day 248

DAY 249
Morning Rays Over the Valley.
Day 249

DAY 250
MR Mar Jr, waking up as I get into bed.
Day 250

DAY 251
Bedroom Windows at night.
Day 251

DAY 252
Mounganui wharf in the early evening.
Day 252

August 23, 2011

I heart Faces - Pets

When Was the last time I acutely took part at I heart faces or another place. But when I saw the theme for this week was pets, I had to find the time to get this photo of my mothers dog Buddy, laying on the cows hide up stairs while I was watching TV. I am not the biggest dog fan, and don’t really appreciate it when they try and lay on top of my bed blankets so this was the closest he got to me… I love running and playing with him outside, but this is one lazy dog who would rather sleep on your knee (he thinks he is a small dog) while you watch TV.
Day 194

So head on over to to see more grate photos including Faces.

August 1, 2011

Week 35 of Project 365

DAY 239
Maybe a bit past what bed time should be.Day 239
DAY 240
Finnished the first garden only 3 more to go.
Day 240

DAY 241
Granddad reading to his mokopuna.
Day 241

DAY 242
This was my first attempt at taking photos of plain tails. You can only lightly see the lights of the plains.
Day 242

DAY 243
Mr Mar Jr going for a walk on the beach.
Day 243

DAY 244
My dads latest project, he has designed the courtyard for wairua intimidate school. Cheek out the other stuff he dose at
Day 244

DAY 245
There was this lovely sun set but this is all you get if you have to search for too much in the car.

Day 245

Week 34 of Project 365

DAY 232
While we were in Matapuri my mum cut back a few trees, then painted the cuts with white paint. It glowed like this in the moon light.
Day 232
DAY 233
Taipa Area School students put on a show for the Matariki festival.
Day 233 
DAY 234
A river down a side road.
Day 234
DAY 235
Morning due sitting of a huge flower pettel.
Day 235
DAY 236
Baking, egg going into the sugar and butter.
Day 236
DAY 237

DAY 238
Making high raised garden beds.
Day 238

Week 33 of Project 365

DAY 225
My darling daughter.
Day 225
DAY 226
Matapuri beach.
Day 226 
DAY 227
I made the kids a huge sand castle and we tried to catch up with the out going tide, to fill the mout.
Day 227 
DAY 228
Looking for fresh pipis to boil up for lunch.
Day 228 
DAY 229
Ms Mar showing off her ballet.
Day 229 
DAY 230
Ms Mar helping with her favourite, chocolate chip cookies.
Day 230 
DAY 231
Ms Mar loves writing so much that when she comes home from school she gets strait back into writing.
Day 231

Week 32 of Project 365

DAY 218
Mr Mar Jr modelling some hair clips.
Day 218
DAY 219
Kids in the back seat. Love there smiles and fun.
Day 219
DAY 220
Missed this day.
DAY 221
Ms Mar can do a bridge now, before she started gym 11 weeks ago, she wasn’t even able to lift her head off the ground.
Day 221
DAY 222
Sun set over the valley.
Day 222 
DAY 223
Making curly hair bows.
Day 223
DAY 224
and the finished product, I ended up cutting them in half again and making a small one for a 2 year old.
Day 224

Week 31 of Project 365

DAY 211
The finished hair bow upside down.
Day 211

DAY 212
Mr Mar Jr working out how to unscrew the wooden cercal at play-centre.
Day 212

DAY 213
Star tails, these are getting better and better every time.
Day 213
DAY 214

DAY 215
The freezer door.
Day 215
DAY 216
Morning fog
Day 216
DAY 217
Star Tails.
Day 217