November 28, 2010

Color Splash Sunday - Your Choice #5

So from now on over at Artistically Amy there will only be your choice. I am going to miss thinking of how to make a theme work.

Anyway, I have been having fun playing with my new camara, I have been taking photos when ever I can with it. Though yesterday I didn't get in too many as I didn't want to take it with me to a kids birthday party (I still need a camara bag) So I only took a few in the moring other wise I have been taking around 200 a day, LOL, I can probably chuck about 75% of them, since I am using it in manuel. I have taken a few EXTRA cute shots that were way to dark realy to do anything with. :(

This is one I took on Friday as the kids were playing in the bath, (in the end Mr Mar Jr figered out how he can soak the bathroom even more so I had to put my camara even with me sitting at the door) I love the deffernce of the focas the camra takes, I know my p&s would of had EVERTHING in focas here, and it would of been ALOT harder to get the toy more in focas and not his face.

Color Splash Sunday your choice #5

So head over to Amy's blog Artistically Amy for more color splash photos.

November 25, 2010

Merry Christamss to my self.

Chirstmass has come eurly for me (don't look at my savings accunt) On sunday I found a place selling the Canon 60D under 1000€ with the kit lens. Though with a 2 week wait :( just to get a call the day befor yesterday them telling me they can deliver it urler, sombody had cannceld there order. Anyways yesterday I was waiting all day guess I misunderstod them, there first langwadge isn't german and tommorw and the day after tommorw do not sound too deffernt, morgen (tommorw) ├╝bermorgen (the day after tommorw) Now I guess I missed the ├╝ber part (kids running around and having fun makes a phone call like that even harder) But they said they would be here between 11am and 1pm, So I was waiting at 2pm I had to pick Ms Mar up from kindy. They didn't come in the evning ither, thinking maybe they noted down the wrone time, since they said they could come between 5pm and 9pm.

Well low and behold, today the door bell rings just befor 1pm, but it rings 2x I asume it is family, BUT nope it is the delvery guy. I got my camra, have a look.


Kit Lens - Canon EF-S 18-55 IS

Right now the battries are charging, So I have to wait untill they are charged then I can use it. I still cant Bealve I bought this. So Happy chirstmass to my self.

Guess now onto reading the manul, that thing is THIK and in german, they didn't have an english one in there, guessing there will be an english version is on the CD, but somthing like that I find hard to read on the computer. So german it will be.

I also get to take of on of the things to my 26 befor 26.

November 23, 2010

Did I just see correct...

The Paper Mama If you would of been around where I live on Friday (a few weeks back) you would of seen some crazy lady (moi) walking along with a Phil and Teds pram, with a Christmas tree in it, one kid sitting down the bottom and anther walking behind or way a head on a hello kitty scooter.

I am sure most people just thought, that this crazy lady is just OVER organized already getting a Christmas tree (it is a real live one in a pot so I can still use it for Christmas) BUT in reality Chelsy from the paper mama is giving this lady moi too many ideas.. guess thats good though...

The story behind this crazy lady buying her Christmas tree in November, or 49 days before Christmas, hay that doesn't even sound so far away then now its only 31 days to go . Chelsy over at the paper mama is doing a Christmas card contest then with one tutorial she made I had an idea. BUT I needed my prop, knowing, that Mr Mar Sr would think I am even more crazy for wanting to buy a tree now just to take Christmas card photos for not even him knowing its for an on line thing, and so far hasn't let me have a REAL REAL tree, not just a cut one, I set out, on a Friday afternoon with 2 kids and a stroller to get a tree.

So I moved my living room around, moved the tabel and EVERTHING, since we don't put trees up here a month eruly but only on the day usualy, I do it a week befor, I love having the tree up. I need to keep some of my tradtions. My redone Dining space with the tabel as my tripod. Not the best thing to use as the camara dose not stay in the same place at all.

Mars Pics

I had to redo my orgonal picturs, as I forgot to turn the light on, guess one of the kids turned it off. So my pics were way to grainy to even use. Its not easy getting the lighting corect in a littl apartment.

Then, put together my photos in photo shop and hope it works out just they way I like it.

Mars Pics

That I am entering in The Paper Mama 2010 Holiday Card Challenge so if you have your card go on over and enter too.

November 17, 2010

Color Splash Sunday - Something Feminine

OK, its NOT sunday but Wensday, I know I am too late for the linky over at Artistically Amy But I have just been slack, or bussy with who knows what. Somehow it has been alot harder to get back into blogging after my vacation back home to NZ then I thought.

My Feminine shot is of a ring my mother gave me, I layed it on a  boulder at
Moeraki Boulders, on the south island of New Zealand. I accualy wanted to to a fun shot of dripping nail polish (can't remember where I saw that, just that it is on a blog I read) with makeup and stuff in the back ground, BUT I can't find my make up bag (guess that shows how often I put it on), While trying to edit realy bad photos of dripping nail polish this picuter came to mind. What I think is alot better choice.

Mars Pics

So head over to Amy's blog Artistically Amy for more color splash photos. Also linking this post up to and over at

November 16, 2010

I ♥ Faces - Silouette

I was going to use a photo out of the same series I used for Rew(e) BUT then I remembered I have this photo. I took this when the Grate Grad parents of the kids still went to upper Austria every summer to a farm. It was an old farm house and we had this cart there where we would put Ms Mar in and go for walks. I love this photo, you can see her curlz in the back, not that I new it back then the Bokah you can see through the wheat field. Yip, it definitely is one of my favourite pictures. 

Mars Pics

So head on over to to see more grate photos including Faces.

RAW(e) - ONE (5)

Raw(e) is taking us into our first folder what happens to be a folder from 2003 when I moved to Austria, and the 5ed photo what is a photo that I took of my dad with his digi cam, some p&s I realy like the series of photos I took. I just remember I have theas and they would realy fit for this weeks i Heart faces theme too. So here is my SOOC photo for this weeks Raw(e)

Mars Pics

Anyways head over to Sailor & Company to see more unedited pictures.

November 13, 2010

Photo Story Friday - My Gaden on the 4th and 5th floor

PhotoStory Friday So I have finaly gotten all myphotos together, the photos that I have taken during the year. One thing I have realy been missing living in Austira is fresh vegies, not shop friesh, but fresh fresh, strait out of the garden. Well 2 years or is it 3, we moved into this apprment, We live in the 4th story, but we have a 2 story apparment. Guess one thing that made us lucky is we have 2 HUGE balkonies, not only can they be used by the people who smoke, what is deffently NOT happing in a place I live in. Its bad enough when I go out (ok not going there). The first summer I was here I had already said I want my own garden, OK, i know it wont be huge, but just big enough to make a salad for dinner. So after a while here, and me all ready to go out and get some wood and nails and just do this by my self. Mr Mar Sr desides he dosn't realy trust my bulding so we went out and bought 3 bix boxes were his dad made some holders for them to mount them to the belkoney.

This is the bottom belkoney BEFOR we done anything, yip its a mess, pluss this was Janury, so still cold.

IMG_2033 - wmIMG_2034 - wm

Now AFTER we got the containers with a few plants.

IMG_4160 copyIMG_4165 copy
Now to the top - BEFOR
IMG_2035 - wmIMG_2036 - wm

IMG_4572 copyIMG_3784 copy

When we first got it had a bit of a problem and that was that the water would run down and the carpit would get SOCKED, we ended up puting a hose in to catch the water then made it run into a bucket also saving us water. BUT it was soooo much fun for the kids to play with.

IMG_3392 copyMars Pics

IF you walked into the cortyard and looked UP this is what you see, well minus flowers and the rest now since it is all dieing, WINTER GO AWAY
Mars Pics

And if you looked down
IMG_3291 copy

Here are my seedlings growing. I had them planted in egg cartons, that way all I need to do is cut it up and put the plant in the grownd with the egg carton.
IMG_3771 copy

I have to say we did have a bit of salad, we grew, tomatoes, lettice, Kohlrabi, radishes, snap peas, string beans, and ALOT of deffernt hurbs. Frish hurbs are just grate.

Hanging Tomatoes
IMG_4167 copy

IMG_6508 copyIMG_5947 copy

As you can see they never got big
IMG_6510 copy

Sting Beans growing
IMG_3776 copy

Picked and ready for ferther use.
IMG_5945 copy

IMG_4573 copy

Picking and eating snap peas
IMG_4149 copy

Lettice and co
IMG_3293 - wm
IMG_6507 copy

Wanted and UNwanted guest or well MASHROOMS, theas were like one day things they would grow overnight and by the next evning they were dead.
IMG_0096 copy
IMG_6064 copy
IMG_4119 copy

and since I guess you are getting board of all thease vegies, here is the last lot, this was the last salad we ate befor we left to NZ. Though when we got back we still had a few carrots, radishes, a couple of tomatoes and a bit of littce, but not enough to make a whole salad.
IMG_6529 copy

So yes it is posibel to have a graden, you can save some money and do somthing to help the carbon out put in this world. So cheek out my corbon nutrlize blog hop and join up.

November 2, 2010

Simplicity - Fall

One thing I love about Autumn is the colors, the trees and how the leaves fall on the ground. I did last year like this year go for a walk to the Danup island with the kids to take photos. Them playing in the leaves. There is nothing better then the colors of Autumn. Well this is what I saw when I walked passed the water park. This has also got the best playground that is close to us. Its just behind all the trees, there are birds in here, ducks to feed. It is a grate park to have close by. And the colors right now are just LOVELY.

For more Fall Photos head on over to Simplicty's Blog.

Trendy Tree House - Halloween Costumes

ShutterLoveTuesdays  We don't do hallowen over here, though it is slowly getting more and more popular, we got 3 people nocking at our door this year, where the first bunch accualy get all our lollies, that we don't buy but have collected from vieus gift for the kids during the last couple of months. Like there grategrandparents give them a bag of lolies and they go into a jar what then get given out to hallowen, we don't eat them so what better to do then that. Its also the time we go through and through away any chocolate that has gone past its use by date, yip chocolate gose past its use by date here.

Anyways, I still got a pictuer of my darling gril dresed up as a GOAST, as they did a goast party at kindy.

So head on over to The trendy Tree house to see more kids dressing up.

November 1, 2010

Photo Hunt Challenge - October 2010 Photos

This month was quite a bit of a challenge for a few things, But I did get there, head on over to Photo Hunt Challenges to see what everyone ells found, or how they interpreted the theme.

1. In Disguise - Crab in a rock pool

2. Crisp - OK, so I couldn't really think of anything that fitted to crisp, So ride cake CRISPS is what I choose.

3. Fall Colors - Trees reflecting on the water.

4. A Jack O’lantern - Not that this is a really Jack O’lantern, since nobody makes them here I made it out of a Capsicum...

5. a Shot from the Ground - Mr Mar Jr on the cattle yards

6. a Landscape - The vue from the window a Friends b&b

7. a Fall Tradition - We don't really have a fall tradition, But I really LOVE taking the kids out to play in the leaves, I did this last year, so you could say it is kinda a tradition.

8. Books - My books, most of the ones you see are about having kids, raising kids.

9. Dining - The dinner I ate when we went out for my mums birthday.

10. Child/Children - Ms Mar Jumping on a trampoline, I think it looks a bit of Alison in wonderland

11. Faces formed in Nature - Can't see it keep looking "HI"

12. Tilt-Shift Photography - Well I hope this is what it is. I think it kinda works with this photo.

13. B &W with selective coloring- An Autumn leaf.

14. Bokeh - Ok, There is a VERY little bit of Bokeh on there, I haven't quite worked it out, except on Marco setting.

15. Best Photo taken October 23rd - What I love when I stay at my grandparents this is what I get to see out of the bed room window. Where we happened to be on the 23rd of October.

16. Something from the Kitchen

17. Something Vintage - This is the rocking chair that belonged to MR Mar SR grate grandmother.

18. Something Creepy - A Dark Room, LOL, this is the caboard under the stairs, I am sure allot of people would find that creepy, though sadly there is not one spider in that that I could find.

19. Something Golden - This is a bracelet Ms Mar got for her first birthday, but now that she has learnt to take it off and it has despaired to other kids places from kindy I just keep it home.

20. A Self-Portrait - Being a Mummy

Looking fawered to this November, and it should be eser with only have 10 things to find, and life getting back to normal after getting back home from New Zealand.