November 1, 2010

Photo Hunt Challenge - October 2010 Photos

This month was quite a bit of a challenge for a few things, But I did get there, head on over to Photo Hunt Challenges to see what everyone ells found, or how they interpreted the theme.

1. In Disguise - Crab in a rock pool

2. Crisp - OK, so I couldn't really think of anything that fitted to crisp, So ride cake CRISPS is what I choose.

3. Fall Colors - Trees reflecting on the water.

4. A Jack O’lantern - Not that this is a really Jack O’lantern, since nobody makes them here I made it out of a Capsicum...

5. a Shot from the Ground - Mr Mar Jr on the cattle yards

6. a Landscape - The vue from the window a Friends b&b

7. a Fall Tradition - We don't really have a fall tradition, But I really LOVE taking the kids out to play in the leaves, I did this last year, so you could say it is kinda a tradition.

8. Books - My books, most of the ones you see are about having kids, raising kids.

9. Dining - The dinner I ate when we went out for my mums birthday.

10. Child/Children - Ms Mar Jumping on a trampoline, I think it looks a bit of Alison in wonderland

11. Faces formed in Nature - Can't see it keep looking "HI"

12. Tilt-Shift Photography - Well I hope this is what it is. I think it kinda works with this photo.

13. B &W with selective coloring- An Autumn leaf.

14. Bokeh - Ok, There is a VERY little bit of Bokeh on there, I haven't quite worked it out, except on Marco setting.

15. Best Photo taken October 23rd - What I love when I stay at my grandparents this is what I get to see out of the bed room window. Where we happened to be on the 23rd of October.

16. Something from the Kitchen

17. Something Vintage - This is the rocking chair that belonged to MR Mar SR grate grandmother.

18. Something Creepy - A Dark Room, LOL, this is the caboard under the stairs, I am sure allot of people would find that creepy, though sadly there is not one spider in that that I could find.

19. Something Golden - This is a bracelet Ms Mar got for her first birthday, but now that she has learnt to take it off and it has despaired to other kids places from kindy I just keep it home.

20. A Self-Portrait - Being a Mummy

Looking fawered to this November, and it should be eser with only have 10 things to find, and life getting back to normal after getting back home from New Zealand.


Pam @ Kassie's Beach said...

These are some good shots. I love your fall colors in any of the shots it shows. I can almost hear your accent just reading your post and I love it.

Ashley Sisk said...

You've done great work this month - I especially love your fall colors shot. Beautiful.

Darlene said...

You have great photos here. The fall colors, landscape, and Oct 23rd photos are so breath taking! I would love to be in those places. I really like your composition on that vintage photo. Here are mine:

Sarah Halstead said...

These are all gorgeous!! Love your fall colors shot. My is similar, but yours is prettier. Great job on them all.

Clare B said...

The fall colours is really great, and the 23rd October photo.

Dorian Susan said...

Great collection. My fave is shot from the ground....very cool. also the crab, and your selfie is lots of fun.

Tara said...

Great shots, I really like your fall colors, landscape, and crab! I am a new follower!

shannon said...

beautiful photos. i think the tilt one is my favorite.

Amy said...

All beautiful photos, Marlis! It's easy to see how much effort you put into finding the perfect photos for these themes.

I really can't pick a favorite! I mean, I just love 3, 5, 6, 7, 10, 14, 20... Each photo is creative and unique. And did you see, you captured some golden bokeh in the photo of Little Ms Mar's bracelet!!

Sarah said...

So many great shots! I think my favorites are your tilt shift and self portrait!

Melis said...

So pretty! I'm so jealous of where you are and where you've been - I love the landscape shot - so gorgeous! You have a great eye for composing shots - love it! I think the effect you did for the face in nature is really awesome! How on EARTH did you do that?

Alita said...

Your October 23rd shot is stunning! I adore it. I also love your B&B capture.

Samara Link said...

Wow, you got some really cool shots here. I like the perspective you get with your camera. I think your something vintage might be my favorite, but I really liked your fall color capture, too. :)

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