November 23, 2010

Did I just see correct...

The Paper Mama If you would of been around where I live on Friday (a few weeks back) you would of seen some crazy lady (moi) walking along with a Phil and Teds pram, with a Christmas tree in it, one kid sitting down the bottom and anther walking behind or way a head on a hello kitty scooter.

I am sure most people just thought, that this crazy lady is just OVER organized already getting a Christmas tree (it is a real live one in a pot so I can still use it for Christmas) BUT in reality Chelsy from the paper mama is giving this lady moi too many ideas.. guess thats good though...

The story behind this crazy lady buying her Christmas tree in November, or 49 days before Christmas, hay that doesn't even sound so far away then now its only 31 days to go . Chelsy over at the paper mama is doing a Christmas card contest then with one tutorial she made I had an idea. BUT I needed my prop, knowing, that Mr Mar Sr would think I am even more crazy for wanting to buy a tree now just to take Christmas card photos for not even him knowing its for an on line thing, and so far hasn't let me have a REAL REAL tree, not just a cut one, I set out, on a Friday afternoon with 2 kids and a stroller to get a tree.

So I moved my living room around, moved the tabel and EVERTHING, since we don't put trees up here a month eruly but only on the day usualy, I do it a week befor, I love having the tree up. I need to keep some of my tradtions. My redone Dining space with the tabel as my tripod. Not the best thing to use as the camara dose not stay in the same place at all.

Mars Pics

I had to redo my orgonal picturs, as I forgot to turn the light on, guess one of the kids turned it off. So my pics were way to grainy to even use. Its not easy getting the lighting corect in a littl apartment.

Then, put together my photos in photo shop and hope it works out just they way I like it.

Mars Pics

That I am entering in The Paper Mama 2010 Holiday Card Challenge so if you have your card go on over and enter too.


Ashley Sisk said...

LOL that's great!

Summer and Eric said...

So cute! I love the Christmas tree in the stroller. Too funny.

Joni said...

great job! i love these "multiplicity" shots like this!

Ewa said...

Oh, I love your card!!!

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Turned out great! Love the card!

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