November 25, 2010

Merry Christamss to my self.

Chirstmass has come eurly for me (don't look at my savings accunt) On sunday I found a place selling the Canon 60D under 1000€ with the kit lens. Though with a 2 week wait :( just to get a call the day befor yesterday them telling me they can deliver it urler, sombody had cannceld there order. Anyways yesterday I was waiting all day guess I misunderstod them, there first langwadge isn't german and tommorw and the day after tommorw do not sound too deffernt, morgen (tommorw) übermorgen (the day after tommorw) Now I guess I missed the über part (kids running around and having fun makes a phone call like that even harder) But they said they would be here between 11am and 1pm, So I was waiting at 2pm I had to pick Ms Mar up from kindy. They didn't come in the evning ither, thinking maybe they noted down the wrone time, since they said they could come between 5pm and 9pm.

Well low and behold, today the door bell rings just befor 1pm, but it rings 2x I asume it is family, BUT nope it is the delvery guy. I got my camra, have a look.


Kit Lens - Canon EF-S 18-55 IS

Right now the battries are charging, So I have to wait untill they are charged then I can use it. I still cant Bealve I bought this. So Happy chirstmass to my self.

Guess now onto reading the manul, that thing is THIK and in german, they didn't have an english one in there, guessing there will be an english version is on the CD, but somthing like that I find hard to read on the computer. So german it will be.

I also get to take of on of the things to my 26 befor 26.


Ewa said...

enjoy your new camera:)

Amy said...

Congrats on the new camera, Marlis! You definitely deserve this little present to yourself. I am super-excited to see you progress with this camera. :)

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