November 13, 2010

Photo Story Friday - My Gaden on the 4th and 5th floor

PhotoStory Friday So I have finaly gotten all myphotos together, the photos that I have taken during the year. One thing I have realy been missing living in Austira is fresh vegies, not shop friesh, but fresh fresh, strait out of the garden. Well 2 years or is it 3, we moved into this apprment, We live in the 4th story, but we have a 2 story apparment. Guess one thing that made us lucky is we have 2 HUGE balkonies, not only can they be used by the people who smoke, what is deffently NOT happing in a place I live in. Its bad enough when I go out (ok not going there). The first summer I was here I had already said I want my own garden, OK, i know it wont be huge, but just big enough to make a salad for dinner. So after a while here, and me all ready to go out and get some wood and nails and just do this by my self. Mr Mar Sr desides he dosn't realy trust my bulding so we went out and bought 3 bix boxes were his dad made some holders for them to mount them to the belkoney.

This is the bottom belkoney BEFOR we done anything, yip its a mess, pluss this was Janury, so still cold.

IMG_2033 - wmIMG_2034 - wm

Now AFTER we got the containers with a few plants.

IMG_4160 copyIMG_4165 copy
Now to the top - BEFOR
IMG_2035 - wmIMG_2036 - wm

IMG_4572 copyIMG_3784 copy

When we first got it had a bit of a problem and that was that the water would run down and the carpit would get SOCKED, we ended up puting a hose in to catch the water then made it run into a bucket also saving us water. BUT it was soooo much fun for the kids to play with.

IMG_3392 copyMars Pics

IF you walked into the cortyard and looked UP this is what you see, well minus flowers and the rest now since it is all dieing, WINTER GO AWAY
Mars Pics

And if you looked down
IMG_3291 copy

Here are my seedlings growing. I had them planted in egg cartons, that way all I need to do is cut it up and put the plant in the grownd with the egg carton.
IMG_3771 copy

I have to say we did have a bit of salad, we grew, tomatoes, lettice, Kohlrabi, radishes, snap peas, string beans, and ALOT of deffernt hurbs. Frish hurbs are just grate.

Hanging Tomatoes
IMG_4167 copy

IMG_6508 copyIMG_5947 copy

As you can see they never got big
IMG_6510 copy

Sting Beans growing
IMG_3776 copy

Picked and ready for ferther use.
IMG_5945 copy

IMG_4573 copy

Picking and eating snap peas
IMG_4149 copy

Lettice and co
IMG_3293 - wm
IMG_6507 copy

Wanted and UNwanted guest or well MASHROOMS, theas were like one day things they would grow overnight and by the next evning they were dead.
IMG_0096 copy
IMG_6064 copy
IMG_4119 copy

and since I guess you are getting board of all thease vegies, here is the last lot, this was the last salad we ate befor we left to NZ. Though when we got back we still had a few carrots, radishes, a couple of tomatoes and a bit of littce, but not enough to make a whole salad.
IMG_6529 copy

So yes it is posibel to have a graden, you can save some money and do somthing to help the carbon out put in this world. So cheek out my corbon nutrlize blog hop and join up.


Ewa said...

very impresive! it's great that you were able to create the garden like that

rolaa said...

Fabulous! We'll try our best to have lots of veg grow this summer on our terrace too! :-)

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