May 29, 2012

Lady Bugs


So while looking around on pintrest I saw some ladybugs with number pop up a few times. The only problem was, it was some type of spam linked to it, therefor I could not get to the original post. With that I thought I would make them and create a post on how to. 

My kids had fun making these. Ms Mar is currently at home before she starts school in Austria, and as she went to school in New Zealand I am now continuing on from where she left of from there. Now she still has allot of problems recognizing a few numbers 6, 8, and 9 so I am doing lots of little things that include numbers, this was one of the activities.
What you need
  • black card
  • red card
  • ether number stickers or pens that write on black paper
  • paper pegs (I have no idea what they are called) The little golden things in the box
  • Howl puncher to make eyes with / Eyes
  • Scissors
  • Black Water proof Marker
  • Glue
  • Lady bug Template (you can down load it here, do not redistribute, please link to this blog post for people to get it. THANK YOU )
Lady bugs by Mrs Mar
Print the template onto cardstock or some other strong paper, as this will make tracing it easer.
Cut out the template
Lady bugs by Mrs Mar
Then trace each part of the template 10 times, If you are doing numbers from 1 – 10 if you are doing more number trace more of each template.
Lady bugs by Mrs MarLady bugs by Mrs MarLady bugs by Mrs Mar

While all this is happing keep 3 year old entertained with the whole puncher
Lady bugs by Mrs Mar
Cut out all the 4 pieces
Lady bugs by Mrs MarLady bugs by Mrs Mar
Punch out the holes
Lady bugs by Mrs Mar
Once done assemble all the pieces, first the body and wings so that the wholes all line up, (on the template as I changed it a bit afterwards, the wings will not line up with the body part, this is on purpose)
Lady bugs by Mrs Mar
Then thread the paper pin through and close it up
Lady bugs by Mrs Mar
They should all look something like this now
Lady bugs by Mrs Mar
Next glue the eyes onto the heads
Lady bugs by Mrs Mar
Once the eyes are on attach the heads with a small dab of clue on the paper pin head
Lady bugs by Mrs Mar
and push the head onto the glue, make sure you don’t use to much glue or else it will glue onto the paper and you can't open the wings anymore.
Lady bugs by Mrs Mar
Lady bugs by Mrs Mar

Then open up the wings and stick the numbers onto the body
Lady bugs by Mrs Mar
Lady bugs by Mrs Mar

Next look at the number on the body an draw on the dots representing that number
Lady bugs by Mrs Mar
When they are done the will look like this
Lady bugs by Mrs Mar
These are also useful for explaining even and uneven numbers, the uneven numbers have a dot in the centre going across both wings.
If you make them I would love to see them. Have fun.

May 21, 2012

Star Trails

So this weekend we spent time with my grandparents in gloggnitz. I love the view from there place. They look out onto a palace. I have been wanting to take a star trail photo from there for a while now. But just never worked out where to take it from in the house so no lights disturb it. Then we went up into the attic where they have a small window. So it hit me where to take it from. I took it from up there.

And here is what I got.

Star Trails in Gloggnitz