May 29, 2011

Week 26 of Project 365

FINALY I have caught up with my Photos, now already at week 26 I am half way though this and only missed at few days. It is amazing that I have really stuck with something this long, and I am still enjoying. Some days I do have a bit of a harder time taking a photo. But not most days.

This week we had flooding and Ms Mar got to stay home from school. We couldn’t really get out of the valley we are living in. But it was fun. In the afternoon we went for a walk to feed the neighbours rabbits, the river was HIGH, but we did notice it had already started to go down. The next day the school bus couldn’t get to us, since there had been a huge slip. Only cars could get past, they also chopped down some trees so it took them all day to clean it up. The school bus did bring her home though.

DAY 176
A wind chime.
Day 176 
DAY 177
A freshly lain hen egg.
Day 177 
DAY 178
Apple pie strait out of the oven.
Day 178 
DAY 179
Deffernt cloud types, all defernt colours during the sun set.
Day 179

DAY 180
Mr Mar Jr wants to go for walk each day, he would rather I didn’t do anything els. This was the sun coming in through the bamboo in the drive way.
Day 180

DAY 181
A monarch caterpillar just before turning into a chrysalis.
Day 181

DAY 182
Looking into the bedroom window.Day 182

Week 25 of Project 365

My weeks are busy here, taking the kids to different places each day, yeah I only have 2 kids and I am at a deferent place each day. So I am fitting in taking photos when I can.

DAY 169
The calendar I am keeping all the exiting events that happen. Like me getting tipsy of cheese fondue, I do not drink much.
Day 169 
DAY 170
A bumble bee doing its work.
Day 170 
DAY 171
Platered garlic we bought at the market.
Day 171 
DAY 172
Shower Wall or better said the vent system of the shower. It goes through the 2nd story of the house.
Day 172 
DAY 173
A bamboo sprout down by the bamboo hedge.
Day 173 
DAY 174
This was a fall moon night, took this photo in the evening after the moon had come up. It has an exposure or about 7ish minutes. I was really surprised how you could see the colours.
Day 174 
DAY 175
Ms Mar having a swing.Day 175

Week 24 of Project 365

I didn’t really pick my camera up this week till after I had gone to bed, so there are just some partly interesting shots I took then.

DAY 162
My night lamp.
Day 162 
DAY 163
Mounganui bay right out the back.
Day 163 
DAY 164
These 2 wood pigeons sit in this rata tree each morning enjoying the heat of the morning sun.
 Day 164
DAY 165
Dishes from cheese fondue, where I got tipsy of.
Day 165
DAY 166
Day 166
DAY 167
Sun rays as the sun is setting.
Day 167
DAY 168
Candle holder in the room, built into the wall.Day 168

Week 23 of Project 365

This week Ms Mar had her first day at school, on the second day she already caught the bus, on the third day she too it to a friends down the road. Thought it kind of amazing how independent she is with it all.
DAY 155
Rain season is starting.
Day 155

DAY 156
Taking a photo of the wind blowing through the washing when Mr Mar Jr bumped into me giving the photo a spinning effect.
Day 156

DAY 157
Splish Splash Splosh. Loving these water drops.
Day 157 
DAY 158
BOOKS BOOKS AND MORE BOOKS, I seem to be reading quite allot here.
Day 158 
DAY 159
First day at school in front of the school sign.
Day 159 
DAY 160
2nd day at school waiting for the bus to come.
Day 160
DAY 161
My book I was reading and found just too hard to read so I gave up.
Day 161

Week 22 of Project 365

We had Ms Mar’s birthday party this week, She got a HUGE castle cake. We made piñatas and did a Easter egg hunt. Since her birthday fall on Easter this year.

DAY 148
Making heart shaped piñatas for the kids to hit.
Day 148 

DAY 149
I took this photo for the April photo Hunt challenge where the theme was rain and water. It is outside on a pond I built many years ago. Also during this I was just making the castle cake for Ms Mar’s birthday party.
Day 149

DAY 150
Family photo, I did a bit of face swapping to get nearly everyone smiling and looking into the camera.
Day 150
DAY 151
I was watching the steam making patterns coming out of the kittle. Can anyone alls spot the heart.
Day 151 
DAY 152
Ms Mar’s birthday. Doesn't she look thrilled.
Day 152
DAY 153
Taking photos of food colouring hitting water, this is a bit of a thicker food colouring. I was just using a lid of a container with very little bit of water in it.
Day 153

DAY 154
The flowers that change color.Day 154

May 28, 2011

Week 21 of Project 365

This week my sister and her Boy friend come up to visit us and celebrate Ms Mar’s 5ed birthday.

DAY 141
A flower bud.
Day 141 
DAY 142
Flowers that change color after the open. They start out white and the older they get the pinker they get.
Day 142 
DAY 143
Mr Mar Jr sleeping with his bear.
Day 143 
DAY 144
Sun setting over the property.
Day 144
DAY 145
Moon Behind the clouds.
Day 145 
DAY 146
House at full moon, I have a few of these. You can see me 2x on this photo, first time behind the door and the second one by the 2nd window but just my back because I am bending over turning the light switch on.
Day 146
DAY 147
My sister jumping in the air.Day 147

Week 20 of Project 365

This week I made a cake for a kids 6th birthday, When I was shopping I saw these instructions for a rocket cake. Perfect for a 6 year old boy. Well while we were driving home my mind started working of how to make the cake even cooler, In the end it was a 3D cake. The only thing I would of still loved to get were some sparkler type candles but I couldn’t find any anymore.
DAY 134
Kids Having a Bath out side.
Day 134
DAY 135
Rocket cake I made for the neighbours kid.
Day 135

DAY 136
Cake cutting time.
Day 136 
DAY 137
This was the first time I was trying out the bulb setting on the camera with my new remote. The light on the flowers (huge ones on the left that look more like a tree) and on the palms is coursed by me reading during the 15ish minutes this photo took to take.
Day 137

DAY 138
Ms Mar asked me to take photos of her in my sisters dance gear, though my sister had this stuff when she was around 8 it fits Ms Mar now with the age of 5, though this was just a bit before her 5ed birthday.
Day 138

DAY 139
Purple sky over honeymoon valley.
 Day 139
DAY 140
This was anther late night reading setion in my room, when the moon come over the house roof, having a high aperture (thanks Ashley) i was able to get the cross over the moon.
Day 140

Week 19 of Project 365

DAY 127
Sun set over Honeymoon Valley.
Day 127 
DAY 128
Ms Mar going for a splash in the river with her clothes on.
Day 128
DAY 129
Heating the hot water with the coal range, though we use wood in it.
Day 129 
DAY 130
Sun reflecting in the kids paddling pool/bath tub.
Day 130 
DAY 131
Ms Mar being goofy.
Day 131
DAY 132
A neighbour girl eating Fijoas under the Fijoa tree.
Day 132 
DAY 133
Honeymoon Valley night sky. I was really surprised at how many more starts you can see on the photo then with the eye.Day 133