May 3, 2011

Week 13 of Project 365

This week we spent allot of time at my grandmothers (my mothers mother) helping do up her bath room, it was about 25 or more years old and really needed it.

DAY 85
Mr Mar Jr helping renovate my grandmothers bath room.
Day 85

DAY 86
The train staition, waiting for the train to come to take us home.
Day 86

DAY 87
Mr Mar Jr having a laugh.
Day 87

DAY 88
The bathroom, getting to an end here.
Day 88

DAY 89
One evning I went up to cheek on the kids if they were asleep, like I do every night, this is what I found. He fell asleep with a book on his face.
Day 89

DAY 90
Mr Mar Jr Helping his granddad mix together the past for the floor.
Day 90

DAY 91
Taking water drop photos. I think this is one of the most cool shots I have ever gotten from water drops.
Day 91