May 29, 2011

Week 22 of Project 365

We had Ms Mar’s birthday party this week, She got a HUGE castle cake. We made piñatas and did a Easter egg hunt. Since her birthday fall on Easter this year.

DAY 148
Making heart shaped piñatas for the kids to hit.
Day 148 

DAY 149
I took this photo for the April photo Hunt challenge where the theme was rain and water. It is outside on a pond I built many years ago. Also during this I was just making the castle cake for Ms Mar’s birthday party.
Day 149

DAY 150
Family photo, I did a bit of face swapping to get nearly everyone smiling and looking into the camera.
Day 150
DAY 151
I was watching the steam making patterns coming out of the kittle. Can anyone alls spot the heart.
Day 151 
DAY 152
Ms Mar’s birthday. Doesn't she look thrilled.
Day 152
DAY 153
Taking photos of food colouring hitting water, this is a bit of a thicker food colouring. I was just using a lid of a container with very little bit of water in it.
Day 153

DAY 154
The flowers that change color.Day 154