May 28, 2011

Week 21 of Project 365

This week my sister and her Boy friend come up to visit us and celebrate Ms Mar’s 5ed birthday.

DAY 141
A flower bud.
Day 141 
DAY 142
Flowers that change color after the open. They start out white and the older they get the pinker they get.
Day 142 
DAY 143
Mr Mar Jr sleeping with his bear.
Day 143 
DAY 144
Sun setting over the property.
Day 144
DAY 145
Moon Behind the clouds.
Day 145 
DAY 146
House at full moon, I have a few of these. You can see me 2x on this photo, first time behind the door and the second one by the 2nd window but just my back because I am bending over turning the light switch on.
Day 146
DAY 147
My sister jumping in the air.Day 147