May 29, 2011

Week 23 of Project 365

This week Ms Mar had her first day at school, on the second day she already caught the bus, on the third day she too it to a friends down the road. Thought it kind of amazing how independent she is with it all.
DAY 155
Rain season is starting.
Day 155

DAY 156
Taking a photo of the wind blowing through the washing when Mr Mar Jr bumped into me giving the photo a spinning effect.
Day 156

DAY 157
Splish Splash Splosh. Loving these water drops.
Day 157 
DAY 158
BOOKS BOOKS AND MORE BOOKS, I seem to be reading quite allot here.
Day 158 
DAY 159
First day at school in front of the school sign.
Day 159 
DAY 160
2nd day at school waiting for the bus to come.
Day 160
DAY 161
My book I was reading and found just too hard to read so I gave up.
Day 161