May 1, 2011

April Photo Hunt Challenge

So here I am again joining in the fun with the photo hunt challenge. I only really started looking for the photos after the 20th, BUT I had noticed I had a few that already fitted the theme. This month there are only 12 themes.Click image to go to the photo hunt page

I was taking photos of this one butterfly going crazy, after I had finished taking the photos I noticed it was doing a love dance, as with one hand I was pulling a branch back it was flying behind all the time, that is where the second one was sitting.
Mars Pics - Animals

This is/was my sisters bedroom, now that I am here I am using it as my bedroom, as you can see I have my little place I have been taking my water drop photos from. I also put in lighter curtains today, basically swapped them around from anther room. I also used the photo merge on photoshop, It id a better job then what I was trying to do.
Mars Pics - Bedroom

Best From April 16 or 17
I had accualy taken this photo befor I had even read the themes for this month. But it is the sun setting in the velly.
Mars Pics - Best of 16 & 17

In Fashion
Ms Mar loves her fashion, this is how she walks down the valley, tie it in with pink boots the fashion of a 5 year old.
Mars Pics - In Fashion

Lawn and Garden
A Kauri snail laying on the lawn. Theas are huge snails that we can find here, I have only seen a hand full of alive ones, but I have found plenty of shells.
Mars Pics - Lawn and graden

So I was taking photos of the washing blowing in the breeze (Lazy can’t be bothered taking it down) When Mr Mar Jr walked by and bumped the camera making a cool rotation effect, I bet I couldn’t do that on purpose.
Mars Pics - Lazy Day 157

Play Time
The neighbours bought us some toys over one is a car, Mr Mar Jr loves to push it between 2 people like you would usually do with a ball, this is Ms Mar having a go.
Mars Pics - Playtime

Rain and Water
When it started raining while I was making Ms Mar’s birthday cake I ran outside with my camera and got some photos of the rain hitting the pond, shame I didn’t get any fish on the picture too.
Mars Pics - Rain and Water

While laying in bed one night reading, during the full moon, I took out my camera and took some photos of the trees, and the house, them making the Silhouette, not a classic one but defiantly a silhouette.
Mars Pics -Silhouette

Something Tiny
Once again, I had the camara out and some water, this time I was using a thicker food colouring. This is the first drop of food colouring hitting a very shallow pool of water..
Mars Pics - Somthing Tiny

Something Huge
What is bigger then the night sky, or universe, who knows..
Mars Pics - Somthing Huge

My mother owns a mud brick house, that both my parents bulit while I was a kid, this is the wall, lots of textures in a house like this.
Mars Pics -Textur