April 29, 2011

Blogging From Land Line

Now doesn't that sound like a good blog name, not that I will change mine. But that is what I am doing now is blogging from land line. Its been AGES, I wish I could cheek out other peoples blogs but it just takes too long. Long as in an hour to load a page with 10 good sized photos. So now, my photos will be shrinking even more, as uploading them would take me too long.

I defiantly haven’t stopped taking photos, I have been having ALOT of fun. I have tried out so many new things, from light art, to long exposure, thanks to a new little gadget I bought my self a shutter remote, now I just want a shutter cord too. My project 365 is still well under way, I just have WEEKs of catching up to do. So I am hoping once Ms Mar starts school next week, that I will be getting more time in to post things.

I probably wont be taking part in too many contest unless somebody wants to volunteer to link up my sight…. But I am hopefully going to take part regularly on the Photo Hunt Challenge, colour splash Sunday, and I will have to see what als. I really miss reading Ashley Sisk blog. I just loved what I can learn with editing from her.

If anyone is interested, we have been rather busy with Ms Mar turning 5 last week, I still can’t believe how fast the last 5 years have gone by. She will start school here as soon as we have everything finished of with immigration, basically all is ready we are just waiting for the passports back to get her enrolled. She is loving life over here, both kids are. We are out in the country, so they can just go out of the house and play. We have been very lucky with the weather here, since it is fall and winter is coming, but I am in the winterless north of New Zealand. So that means sub tropical weather, the winters are wet but not frizzing, we get the odd frost here but now snow. Though we are still waiting on more of winter to turn up. It has been my weather here since arriving, warm but not HOT, just perfect for jeans and a T. and if you want shorts. So Ms Mar has used her shear of dresses while being here.

I really have to update my reading list, since arriving at my mums she has had a supply of books coming my way, I have been reading lots, everyone goes to bed around 9pm so I read till about midnight before I turn my light out, or on the odd night it has been till 2am, I had one book I just couldn’t put down and read it in 3 days. It was called Blind Faith by Ben Elton, has allot to do with internet and society though playing in the future, the scary thing is if you read it you can see how it just may happen and hope it doesn't ever get that far.I have also read Inconceivable and Chart Throb by Ben Elton. Other wise I have read a few New Zealand stories.

So I am realy hoping to get back to posting soon again, and more regularly, Hope you pop in to say hi again.