May 29, 2011

Week 25 of Project 365

My weeks are busy here, taking the kids to different places each day, yeah I only have 2 kids and I am at a deferent place each day. So I am fitting in taking photos when I can.

DAY 169
The calendar I am keeping all the exiting events that happen. Like me getting tipsy of cheese fondue, I do not drink much.
Day 169 
DAY 170
A bumble bee doing its work.
Day 170 
DAY 171
Platered garlic we bought at the market.
Day 171 
DAY 172
Shower Wall or better said the vent system of the shower. It goes through the 2nd story of the house.
Day 172 
DAY 173
A bamboo sprout down by the bamboo hedge.
Day 173 
DAY 174
This was a fall moon night, took this photo in the evening after the moon had come up. It has an exposure or about 7ish minutes. I was really surprised how you could see the colours.
Day 174 
DAY 175
Ms Mar having a swing.Day 175