May 15, 2011

Week 16 of Project 365

This was our first week in New Zealand. Kids got to play on the warm beaches. We got to spend our time waking up at who knows what times, due to jet lag. 
DAY 106
Kiddies enjoying the warm weather on the beach.
Day 106

DAY 107
Sun rise in French bay, This week I got to see ALOT of sunrises. I am not usually up early enough for that.
Day 107

DAY 108
Light art in the sun rise, My father, was playing with the torch while I did the camera.
Day 108

DAY 109
A water full in the Auckland zoo.
Day 109

DAY 110
SPARKS, after my dad had finished cutting something, I thought getting the spars would be cool, so he shortened part of the trailer.
Day 110

DAY 111
Kids kissing each other. Too cute.
Day 111

DAY 112
Other early morning, more light art.

Day 112