May 29, 2011

Week 26 of Project 365

FINALY I have caught up with my Photos, now already at week 26 I am half way though this and only missed at few days. It is amazing that I have really stuck with something this long, and I am still enjoying. Some days I do have a bit of a harder time taking a photo. But not most days.

This week we had flooding and Ms Mar got to stay home from school. We couldn’t really get out of the valley we are living in. But it was fun. In the afternoon we went for a walk to feed the neighbours rabbits, the river was HIGH, but we did notice it had already started to go down. The next day the school bus couldn’t get to us, since there had been a huge slip. Only cars could get past, they also chopped down some trees so it took them all day to clean it up. The school bus did bring her home though.

DAY 176
A wind chime.
Day 176 
DAY 177
A freshly lain hen egg.
Day 177 
DAY 178
Apple pie strait out of the oven.
Day 178 
DAY 179
Deffernt cloud types, all defernt colours during the sun set.
Day 179

DAY 180
Mr Mar Jr wants to go for walk each day, he would rather I didn’t do anything els. This was the sun coming in through the bamboo in the drive way.
Day 180

DAY 181
A monarch caterpillar just before turning into a chrysalis.
Day 181

DAY 182
Looking into the bedroom window.Day 182