November 2, 2010

Trendy Tree House - Halloween Costumes

ShutterLoveTuesdays  We don't do hallowen over here, though it is slowly getting more and more popular, we got 3 people nocking at our door this year, where the first bunch accualy get all our lollies, that we don't buy but have collected from vieus gift for the kids during the last couple of months. Like there grategrandparents give them a bag of lolies and they go into a jar what then get given out to hallowen, we don't eat them so what better to do then that. Its also the time we go through and through away any chocolate that has gone past its use by date, yip chocolate gose past its use by date here.

Anyways, I still got a pictuer of my darling gril dresed up as a GOAST, as they did a goast party at kindy.

So head on over to The trendy Tree house to see more kids dressing up.


Ashley Sisk said...

Your daughter is the prettiest ghost I've ever seen!

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