March 25, 2012

A blog I have neglected & my way over due winner give away.

I love blogging, but right now we just came back to Austria about 6 weeks ago. I have been busy. First, I applied for Mrs Mar to be home-schooled for the rest of her kindy year, as in Austria she is still too young to go to school. I did not wan to send her back to a kindy after visiting a school. So home-school it was. It is a grate adventure. I had about a 24 page circulaium to read through and plan on. I ended up writing over a A4 page of when I will be doing with her to reach all the goals they ask for. Most of the stuff they want you to do, I already do. I am collecting ideas and recourses over on pintest (may I say I am addicted) I have 2 boards for luring aspects, one EDUCATION and the other CRAFTS

Mr Mar Jr also turned 3. Can you believe it, my baby boy is 3 years old now. Time has gone by so fast. He is FINNALY potty trained. He was going pee in the loo before he turned 3, but my conversations often went like this.

Mrs Mar: Where dose poo go?
Mr Mar Jr: In the toilet.
Mrs Mar: Where dose Mr Mar do his poo.
Mr Mar Jr with a huge grin on his face: NAPPIES

Yeh, he knew but didn’t cear. So I was at a loss. Till about 2 weeks after we arrived back in Austria, I asked where did Mr Mar Jr go, well he was upstairs sitting on the toilet. When he then called. MUM came and wipe my bum, me poo. From that day on he was toilet trained. Really it just had to click in his brain. We are also stoped using nappies at night. As he had been waking up dry for AGES, but since it was a hit and miss during the day I just left them on at night too. So glad we are behind nappies.

Ms Mar is still going to her “afterschool” activates, gym and ballet. We have no started running, in July we will be running with 30,000 other woman in the woman's run this will be my 3rd time running the 5km race. And Ms Mar will be running for the first time. I think we will be walking half of it. But still we will get to the end. It is all about motivating woman to run. Once a week we meet with other woman for free training. I really enjoy this and Ms Mar has been asking for about 2 years to go along. So this time I said yes, she will be 6 by then, what I think is ok. If on the day she says it is too much and doesn't want to that's fine, she wont have too. But I doubt she will say that.

Now photography wise, I haven’t been doing much since getting back from New Zealand. Though about a month before I left I asked a friend of mine who was about to have her first baby if I could take photos of her new born, I LOVED it.

I had so much fun, it took 4 hours, but we were only doing photos for about 1 hour as it took her 3 to go into deep sleep. I had to then rush off to take a neighbours car to the garage.  Now I am trying to find clients in Austria who want me to take photos. The only down side is I am not allowed to open up a photography business here, as I would need to spend ALOT of money first getting courses they want me to have before I am legally allowed to open up a photography business. I think photography is a form of art, going to school would defiantly help, but if people like it then why can’t I do it… I will have to find away around it.

For more photos cheek out my facebook page.

Also to those who remember I did a giveaway on my blog, well, I gotta say, I never actually gave it away. But since I only had 3 comments/entires, I have decided to just give each of you one, LOL, are you still reading this blogs feed…

They were.

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You can head on over to this Facebook page of mine and have a bit of a look around what you like and chose your own design, or chose one of the finished plates. Tell me what you want written on it.

I keep saying saying I will get back into blogging, but I think i’ll just post once in a blue moon. Though I do miss cheeking out the blogs.