January 21, 2011

Week 8 of Project 365

This week seems like it has gone so slow, one way maybe the reason I have gotten more post done this week then I have gotten done in the past weeks. Ms Mar was back at kindy this week except for Thursday when we went for a re-check up for a bit of blood work to make sure everything is back to normal,  not that it surprised me that it was, since she was on antibiotics. I think she would of been back to normal with out them.
I am also trying to put together a list of 365 deferent photography techniques (are there that many), so if you have some more to add please comment or send me a e-mail, you can see the list that i have so far on the 365 tab up the top.

DAY 50
Once again my little boy playing with one of his favourite toys CARS.Day 49

DAY 51
This is one thing we do nearly EVERYDAY, and I don’t mind, play with the Duplo train set. The kids love it, Mr Mar JR just loves wricking it and pissing his sister of with it. This day it was just me and Ms Mar at home so we were able to build what we wanted and play with it, with out rebuilding it every 3-5 mins.
Day 51

DAY 52
I Just love Ms Mar’s expirations on this photo, she REALY wanted me to take a photo of her caring around her little brother.
Day 52

DAY 53
We were at my Aunties for her birthday lunch. Afterwards we went down to the playground, and I got a GRATE shot of both the kids on the swing. Both looking into the camera and smiling. So salten that I get that.
Day 53

DAY 54
I took this photo for Shoot and Edit, ran by Ashley Sisk. I am really enjoying her tips, this theme was morning.
Day 54

DAY 55
This week I got to the exiting part in my camera manual, one thing is the bulb setting. So I have been playing with that, flash and zoom. I used all that in this photo. I have taken some fun photos this week, none really worth showing but just fun. Some look like the picture is coming out of the TV with the rest of the living room in focus. This picture is from my fruit stand.
Day 55

DAY 56
Flying pearls, I love this photo. It was also one that I took for Shoot and Edit, ran by Ashley Sisk. I was dropping silver sugar pearls onto a try with a long shatter speed and second curtain flash to get the pearls to freeze but at the same time so you can see the movement..